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RULES for Posting in this Section

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__Traxxas__ #1 Posted 28 November 2011 - 06:00 AM

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Due to the excessive Spamming and less then Useful/contributive Postings in the "History of Aviation" Area i am Now Imposing Rules that MUST be followed or your post may be closed and junked (removed out of sight).

RULES for Posting after Nov 28th 2011 in "History of Aviation" Threads:

#1. All Posts Must contain at least 1 Image (not in a Spoiler) of either the Pilot or Airplane that the Original Posting is about, This Image Must be in the Original Post (1st post).

#2. All Postings Must contain at least 500 words!  no more of these 3 sentences to 1 paragraph postings which are barely informative.

#3. Check Before you Post about a plane or Pilot, if your caught posting a new thread about a pilot or Plane that already exists you may be issued a Warning or a RO (Read-Only).  Your post then will be closed and it will be either merged with the existing one or junked.  
NOTE: An exception to this Rule is if an existing Topic (posted before these rules) does not meet the requirements you may get a Moderators Permission to make a new one and then the Moderator will either remove or merge the old one into your (hopefully) better quality one.

#4. Similar to #3, if your Caught Posting a Topic in the Wrong section you may be issued a Warning or a RO (Read-Only).  Your topic would then be either Moved or if it doesn't meet the rules closed and Junked.

#5. At the Mods discretion they may choose to close, junk and warn for posts that are direct Copy/Paste from places such as the Wiki (having the number bookmarks still in the text are an obvious sign).
Notice:the "copy paste rule" is more for plain out, no effort, copy pasting of WIKI with the number bookmarks still intact or some other obvious forms such as very long uninformative or uninteresting text that likely you didnt bother editing threw... these types of posts show that no effort at all was put into making it a nicely laid out and informative post aswell as making it untidy and an unnecessarily long/boring read.

#6. If your going to make a post in this section about a Pilot, Aircraft, or in the new Tactics/tech thread then make Most of it there!  Do Not write a short summary and then just direct everyone with links to a webpage or wiki to find the rest of the info themselves.  Theres nothing wrong with linking Sources, infact that encouraged, but any topics with little effort put into them and are mainly used to direct people to another webpage for the bulk of the topic information will be closed, junked and possibly warned/RO'd

These Rules are not Final and alterations or additional rules may be added at a later time.

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(Still in early stages, Feedback/Suggestions appreciated)

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