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That was a good marathon

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Silvin #1 Posted 22 September 2022 - 06:31 PM

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I just got the Me 410 pilot and I have to say that this was a "just right" marathon.

The reward is nice but not too good.

The missions were very doable but not slam dunks either (shooting 120 ADAs was a bit repetitive).


Overall, well done WG.

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pyantoryng #2 Posted 22 September 2022 - 07:06 PM


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The really big grind is the defense kill and ADAs that are effectively grindwalls. Not as bad as the ones that involve big rewards, but still a considerable amount nonetheless. 5 HF in one match, 5 GAA in one match, and 7 attack kills in one match may prove to be a challenge as well.


Aside from the grindwalls this is a marathon on the fairer side. You know the reward is truly valuable when there are the likes of 9 LF in one match, Gobulev, and Gabreski on the table.

qu33kKC #3 Posted 23 September 2022 - 12:51 PM

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*agrees with Silvin*

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