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P-38J And External Ordnance

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Flushmaster #21 Posted 06 May 2022 - 05:06 AM

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So I just flew my P-38J a bit and it seems that I was right about my <50% WR in it being due to the fact that I flew it a lot right after returning to the game when I didn't really know what I was doing, at least not very well. It took a little bit to refamiliarize myself with it and I lost two out of the first three battles but then I won eight in a row flying among the usual evening crowd of primetime chuckleschmucks with a few good pilots mixed in here and there. Once I found my rhythm with it it was mostly smooth flying though I only got two Winged Legends whereas with planes I'm more practiced with I probably would have got three or four in that mix even if I'd pulled a couple more losses. 


I did do most of my damage, scoring, and capping by shooting down planes, but I also made a major contribution to capping at least one sector by taking out GTs in all but two battles (both of those were on single plant maps where I spent most of the time defending that plant against the conga line of red planes). I would say "waiting" isn't quite the right way of describing what I was doing with my ordinance. At the start of the games I always went high to begin with and started by sweeping heavy ADAs and/or enemy bombers and high altitude fighters (the latter particularly on maps with a high priority central sector like a plant or a singular MB). But I was always looking out for a chance to dive down and drop that ordinance if/when my section of sky was cleared of bogeys. Blasting that central workshop in a plant, like you said, is both fun and makes a big swing for controlling the sector and the same goes to a slightly lesser extent with MBs. With judicious ordinance placement you can take the central installation of a CC and one of the medium ones with the big billboard-like antenna thingies, though to be honest I often end up swinging back to either finish off a target with guns or save a couple rockets as I zip-jerk along the treetops trying to hit both installations in a single pass without crashing. With garrisons you should be able to fairly easily take both of the bigger GTs win a single pass with a full load of bombs and rockets which is half of what you need to flip the sector while you pop ADAs of defending player/bot planes for the rest. I'm not so much focusing on my reload timers as I am staying aware of them so I know when I can take a dip down to speed up a sector cap. And in my experience flying heavies a lot more than anything else I've found that unless there's a conga line of bombers/GAA going at a plant I need to defend it's generally the best use of my time to be on the attack, using my speed to cruise around the map and cap sectors as often as I can. Popping a few GTs at a convenient time can really speed up the capping process. 


Worth noting that I don't actually have my P-38J built for pure speed. I have gunsight and GOA to make the best of that 37mm boomstick plus boost gear and LPU to make the most of it's maneuverability, mainly against other heavies but it also helps to get an extra couple shots in with that big cannon before more nimble fighters get away from me and I have to zoom out of there with that souped up boost. I have a 9 SP pilot with Engine Guru I & II, Marksman I, and ADE. Boost management is usually key to keeping yourself in good positions relative to more agile fighters as well as maintaining energy when climbing back up to the natural habitat of bombers after diving down to drop ordinance of stomp GAAs, so I have both engine cooldown buffs and the boost availability one on my ultimate gear (I also have it all fully calibrated and use the improved fuel mixture consumable). 

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