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I think I'm one of those guys that makes you mad

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Join a clan.  It is a very good way to get info and flight up with a more seasoned veteran to demonstrate various tactics and strategies.
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View Post1973_Z1, on 17 January 2022 - 09:12 AM, said:

What happens to all the stuff that gets picked up off the battle field when your team wins? What are you supposed to do with all the stuff that gets accumulated while playing? I have never figured out what I actually have and what it's good for.
Hmm... stuff that gets accumulated while playing...
xp = new planes
free xp = best used to bypass weaker modules to upgrade to better guns or engines or to push a pilot's xp up so he can get the next skill point
materials = save them up, they are used for upgrading equipment
tokens = can be used to buy hangar slots and other things, but I prefer to use them to get premium time.
How do you know which target is best to attack and capture first?
This depends on three things, location, your plane type, and the types of caps on the map you're playing. It also can depend on what types of enemy will be there. It is important to know the cap types, what they can do, and which planes can easily capture them. For example, if I was flying a heavy, I might want to fly all the way across the map to attack the enemy's mine all by myself, which is normally a ridiculous thing to even consider. Why? Because I know his bombers and GA will be there for me to destroy. However, I would never do that in a fighter because they aren't as good at destroying bombers and GA and would take forever to get there anyway. So, it's situational. You have to consider every factor and make the best decision you can. And sometimes, you will have to quickly change your plan to suite changing conditions, like the enemy capturing a neutral point just as you get there.
Also I have been flying the game more like you fellows suggested. I fly to the target that I first see defensive aircraft appearing and shoot my rockets at all the ground targets I can and then start shooting down defenders. I like to wait to fire off my rockets until the cap is closer to flipping for reasons I mentioned before. Plus, if someone tries to go head to head, you can give them a rocket surprise. Then, when the cap is close to flipping, instead of chasing an enemy around trying to finish them off, just blow up a ground target and flip the cap.
After the target is captured I fly to the next and try to help capture it. Of course there is lots of red planes there by then and it's time to dogfight.
Sometimes if there are a lot of red planes and only a couple of blue bots, it's better to go somewhere else. If you fly into a hornet's nest, you're just going to get stung.
If we get the air cleared I look to see which sector needs help and fly there. It seems that the blue teams I am on have been winning more when I fly this way but my personal score doesn't seem to get as high as when I fly like a rogue ***** and the team loses.
So, the ultimate trick in this game is to keep an eye on the caps and keep it so that you have a decent advantage and your team will win without getting superiority. If you're too good, you win too quick and get less points. If you defend for too long, the enemy can get the upper hand and you'll lose.
I've been scoring in the top 3 more and at least getting the single chevron.
Chevrons mean you've been doing what the game thinks your plane type should be doing. Getting a bunch of chevrons is good, but you can have a good game and only have one or two chevrons.
I do have 5 rocket kills so I am a rocket ace, which means nothing but it was fun!
Rocket kills only mean something when you get 3 in one game!
 I'm still doing all my flying without using any team communication or radar changes or wingmen or anything so this is a disadvantage, because if I take my eyes off the windshield and start trying to punch keyboard buttons I get blasted.
You don't necessarily need to communicate with your team or with the bots to win, though it can help. The radar is incredibly important as is the larger map on the tab menu. I'm not sure what you mean by changes, but the one helpful thing you can do is switch the alt key from being a press to being a toggle. The alt key switches between seeing the plane type and seeing the direction of the plane on the radar. This is super important so you know whether the blip behind you is a bomber high above or an enemy about to nail you.
You shouldn't need to look away from the screen to use the keyboard. Rebind the keys so everything you need can be reached without moving your hand much.
I do need to work on this. Seven kills in a battle is the best dogfighting score I think I've had in tier VII and VIII but I still have trouble scoring more than 5 or 6 thousand points.
7 kills and 5-6k points is a bit below average in my opinion. That's what I would consider to be an unproductive game for me. Getting 7-8 k points per game is a little better. Many of the better players get over 10 k all the time. However, you can still have a major impact on the game regardless of how many personal points you have. If you happen to be the person who manages to flip a cap at the right moment, you can be the one that won the game even though you only have 4-5k p-points.
I'm having a pretty good time getting shot down by you guys and I have only quit one battle early because my cat knocked over some things in the kitchen and I had to go see what was up. I have stayed to the end in battles that my team scored nothing but I don't see any reason to bail out early.
You never know when your team might completely turn things around and get supremacy or win by killing all the enemy planes at the end.
Oh, and seeing as how none of you is my grammar teacher, live with it. :-)
Hey, you can learn anything from anyone at anytime. You just have to want to learn it.


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