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Why do I lose?

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12_inch_Hawk #21 Posted 10 November 2021 - 02:44 AM

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View Postbub_russ, on 09 November 2021 - 08:51 PM, said:

We do not control what the others do, only what we do. Those who get frustrated at things they have no control over are destined to repeat the same mistakes as they continue to ignore the fact that they are making them. Did the bots play better on the other side? Yeah, maybe. That isn't important though, because they will play better on your side about the same amount over a long period of time. The more games you play, the more the luck of the draw is even for everyone. What is important is what YOU could have done to play better. There's always something you could do better whether that's actual gameplay or metagame stuff. 

I agree with the sentiment.  I would like to correct one thing.  The bots do NOT play better on the other side half the time.  It is the same algorithm running the bots on both sides in every game and it never varies.  The bots do come in skill levels of novice, intermediate, and advanced depending on period 1, period 2, or period 3 respectively.  It is still the exact same novice bots for both teams in period 1 and the exact same advanced bots in period 3 for both teams.


I was about to write that you will never even get bots of varying skill on the same team because they are all running the same algorithm.  However, I must admit I don't know how it works in a 4/5 split tier battle or a 7/8 split tier battle. In a tier 8 battle the tier 7 bots may still be intermediate  and only the tier 8 bots are advanced but I don't know.   


The part I agree with most is that "We do not control what the others do, only what we do.".  The question I asked was where were the humans when the sectors flipped.  That includes the humans on your team.  You might lose because the human(s) on your team are [edited]and get 1 kill and die 3 times but it is not because of the bots.  Bots are a computer program so you can rely on them to do the same thing every time.  Bots are far more reliable than human players in that sense.  I prefer 1 vs 1 battles because of it.  Humans on the other hand are unpredictable.  Take a 3 vs 3 battle as an example.  Assume there is one good player in the battle, yourself, and the rest are noobs.  There is only 2 chances of the good player being on your team and 3 chances of the good player being on the opposing team.  If you aren't better than the good player you are screwed 3 out of 5 times.  Even if you are a good player and you get 2 noobs on your team vs 3 mediocre players you can still lose because of the humans on your team.  


Another scenario is you lose because of match making and being out tiered.  The majority of battles are not fair in terms of tiers.  You could have a flight of tier 8's vs all tier 7's.  The point of the questions is to find out why you lost.  There might be a blue human (including yourself) in a sector that flips red.  Maybe the human lost the engagement because he was out tiered or or just because he wasn't good enough.  Even if it is because of humans on your team or match making at least you will know why you lost.  If there is something you should have done differently you will know 


Just don't blame your team for losing unless you can answer the questions and know specifically what they did wrong.  Far too often I see noobs blaming their team when they have done nothing themselves.  If you can't answer the questions than blaming your team for losing is just as bad as blaming the bots.

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trikke #22 Posted 12 November 2021 - 10:54 PM


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