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Nakajima Ki-27 Kyūnana-shiki sentōki, or Type 97 Fighter [Nate / Abdul]

Kyūnana-shiki sentōki Type 97 Fighter Ki-27 Nate Abdul

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Nakajima Ki-27
Japanese Tier 2 fighter (?)

was the main fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force up until 1940.

Nakajima Army Type 97 Fighter Long Army designation for the Ki-2
Nakajima Type PE Private-venture experimental aircraft with Nakajima Ha.1a engine.
Nakajima Ki-27 Prototype version with armament in response to IJAAF specs, two aircraft built.
Nakajima Ki-27-Kai Prototype Pre-production units with armament and heavier Ha.1b engine, 10 aircraft built.
Ki-27a First production version. Approximately 565 aircraft built.
Ki-27a-Kai Trainer version converted from existing production. Approximately 150 aircraft converted.
Ki-27b (Army Type 97b Fighter) Improved version with an improved canopy, oil cooler and provision for 4 × 25 kg (55 lb) bombs or fuel tanks under the wings. A total of 1,492 built, including 50 by Tachikawa Aircraft Company Ltd.
Ki-27b-Kai Trainer version converted from existing production. Approximately 225 aircraft converted.
Nakajima Ki-27-Kai Experimental lightened version developed as an interim solution when Ki-43 development was delayed, top speed 475 km/h (295 mph); two aircraft built[15]).
Mansyū Ki-79 Trainer version, built by Manshūkoku Hikōki Seizo KK with a 510 hp Hitachi Ha.13a-I or Ha.13a-III engine. A total of 1,329 aircraft built in four sub-versions (The single seat Ki-79a (Ha.13a-I) and Ki-79c (Ha.13a-III) and the two-seat Ki-79b (Ha.13a-I) and Ki-79d (Ha.13a-III)[16][17]).
Mansyū Army Type 2 Advanced Trainer Long Army designation for the Mansyū Ki-79 Posted Image
Source: http://en.wikipedia..../Nakajima_Ki-27

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