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Tech Trees at-a-glance: Part 1: USSR Bombers

new aircraft bombers

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NovaTempest #1 Posted 24 March 2020 - 05:28 AM

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During breaks at a new job I have been skimming through the depths of wikipedia regarding various aircraft, and have dug some interesting reads. I am continuing this research, so some potential subjects are still incomplete, but I have a rough idea. So this is not an attempt to diverge off J3llyfish's work, but my own interpretation of:

1. Suitable aircraft
     2. Suitable characteristics in-game (that make said aircraft stand out)
     3. Overall unity of the line (if possible - all from the same manufacturer.)

So far the most solid and complete thing I have found is a additional bomber line for the USSR - focusing on Ilyushin designs. Emphasis would be on rather heavily armored strategic level bombers (Starting at the DB-4) that would initially start to feel akin to American bombers, being similar in size and in defensive armament - though with larger caliber defensive guns starting with the IL-6. This route would culminate in the IL-26, which would - according to what I have found so far - appear akin to the Tu-4 Bull, only with a sturdier wing structure and having been considered with various engines, including diesel. Bomb loads would be noticeably larger than on the Pe/Tu/Su line, taking longer to reload, though not quite as long as in the American Bombers. While these bombers would not have the massive payloads and bomb-chaining abilities of the US bombers, they could be made to drop pairs of bombs instead that individually have more of a punch.

The line would then veer in a new, more distinct direction starting with the IL-28, dropping in maximum altitude, losing just a little of the gunship feel, though the remaining turrets get a wider firing angle to compensate. Starting with the IL-28, these bombers begin to gain a "Escape" type boost, it is about the same in terms of total boost time as German bombers, being more efficient and allowing these Russian bombers to make rather quick exits from hot zones, yet is slower to regenerate. The maneuverability begins to feel a little more akin to that seen in the Pe/Tu/Su line, though is a bit stiffer due to having a degree of armor at first. The bomb mechanics seen in the previous tiers would be retained, although the bomb count is reduced, the bomb size and power is increased to compensate ending up being larger than on the Su-10 upon reaching the tier 10 Ilyushin bomber. The last 3 tiers of the Ilyushin bomber line would feel more like a cross between a bomber and a Russian GAA.

without further ado, here is a(n) optimal configuration of the line that I have found so far:

                                 DB-3 / DB-3F (When in Top configuration)  < - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  Ar-2



IL-2 - - - - - - - - - - >  DB-4 / IL-4 (When in Top configuration)









                                 IL-28 "Beagle"








This is of course entirely open to interpretation and critique, and merely made to draw up conversation. I shall be posting a handful of this sort of thing every so often, I hope to do something along the lines of japanese bombers (to a certain extent) next.

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WhoaBlackBetty #2 Posted 24 March 2020 - 07:45 PM


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An entirely interesting post Nova. I am still studying it.



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J311yfish #3 Posted 25 March 2020 - 11:22 AM

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Belyayev DB-LK


^ related odd-bird bomber



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