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New Bug: Skills Section of Crew Member Personal Files doesn't load


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legoboy0401 #1 Posted 02 January 2020 - 01:08 AM

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Just look. See for yourself:





I know it is fixable by clearing the cache, but it still annoys me anyways, just like when the Equipment Tab used to do the same thing(it looked like this:shot_006_LI (4).jpg, a picture I snapped back when it was still doing it), and before that, the Settings tab did the same(Sadly, I don't have a picture of that, but it did happen and was REALLY irritating when it did, but that was ages ago).



Yes, it's somewhere in between the relative commonality of the Equipment Tab doing it and the super-rare, only-once-in-the-lifespan-of-me playing-this-game occurrence of the Settings Tab doing it, and yes, like the Equipment Tab doing it and unlike when the Settings tab did it, it IS fixable by clearing the cache. But, there's something about it that seems... ...off to me. It seems to be a compound bug, only tripping and occurring after a MUCH more common bug, black screen upon returning to hangar. Because I've NEVER had it outside of it, and it ALWAYS happens when I get a black screen on returning to hangar, well not really, but the next time I login, after I have closed the game because of the black screen, INVARIABLY this new bug appears. It's also new because I have had MANY MANY MANY black screens on returning to hangar, and only quite recently, I think right after this latest patch, have I A: Had black screens upon returning to hangar after battle somewhat more frequently than during the Fall Campaign, and B; ALSO had this new bug start accompanying them.


I've been testing the extent of this bug in my hangar, and I believe it effects ALL aircraft in your hangar when it happens, just like the Equipment Tab not loading used to.


Also, putting a crew member in the barracks and taking them back out does not help, unfortunately. ONLY restarting it and clearing the cache will fix it.



I hope this information proves helpful in fixing this bug.




-  Legoboy0401



Edit: Played some more after clearing the cache, and this time I got a Crash To Desktop on returning to hangar, and it didn't do it. More confirmation that it has something to do with what goes on when the hangar fails to load after you exit to it after the post-battle results screen.




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Captain_Underpants53 #2 Posted 02 January 2020 - 04:30 AM


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I have seen this a time or two in the last couple weeks.  A variation I got a few days ago was, when I went to pour some skill points to a crew member, the game would crash and throw me out, over and over.  For some reason it was only for one particular bomber.  I flew it until it accrued another skill point that way and I haven't seen the problem since.
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