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PSA: Check your plane for awarded paint schemes

crew xp paint schemes unknown rewards

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Bobby_Tables #1 Posted 22 November 2019 - 04:47 AM

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So some of you are very much into paint schemes and such but I am not because... lazy.


Anyway, on several of my premium planes I have lately noticed that I have free paint schemes that I have not applied.  Why not?  Probably because I never bothered to pay attention.  


But since I won some premium time and had only like 70,0000,000 silver, I started to pay attention to which plane had what.  Turns out, I have a bunch of planes with free paint schemes that come with benefits that I had neglected.  


Again, many of you probably do this religiously, me? I am a slacker on this stuff.

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hoom #2 Posted 22 November 2019 - 07:13 AM

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Yes there are a whole heap of them that I've discovered at various points.

I've had a bunch where I knew I was getting cammo so I know to look but there's been a lot where I purchase/re-purchase a plane and during fitting it out I discover I have a free cammo.


Its become part of the routine I do when I first purchase a plane: Add Pilot, Add Emblem & check for Gift Cammo/Nose-Art (I've taken to purchasing 30 Day Cammo/Nose-art which is normally enough for completing Grind & Specialisation -> deciding if its worthy of keeping & purchasing a permanent cammo), check for any shared modules & mount, add Equipment & Consumables.


Was particularly chuffed to find this spiffy one for Blenheim F when I purchased it during recent UK plane discount


I've been trying to convince Blindfold that there should be a Depot section for Cammo so you can know which planes you own Cammo for -> look to purchase those planes/know to look for Cammo when you do purchase or sell cammo for planes you don't want?

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pyantoryng #3 Posted 22 November 2019 - 02:37 PM


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I found out that my B-534 got 20% crew EXP paint gifted when I went to apply my emblem...yeah, check carefully.

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CorvusCorvax #4 Posted 22 November 2019 - 07:33 PM


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View Postpyantoryng, on 22 November 2019 - 02:37 PM, said:

I found out that my B-534 got 20% crew EXP paint gifted when I went to apply my emblem...yeah, check carefully.

Sometimes, WG does some weekend thing that gives gifts for meeting some benchmark.  Well, often.  I looked in my depot to see what in the heck was going on with gold ammo.  I know for a fact I have never bought any, and there sits a pile of improved explosives, heavy warhead, HEAP rounds, some gold bombs...


I can only conclude these came from meeting some benchmark or from some crate opening.  I have a feeling some of the gift camo is exactly like that.  I had some camo for my Bf-109E that I for sure didn't buy, yet there it is, giving +20% crew experience.  Same for my RB-17.  And where in the heck did the flashy camo for my Me-410 come from?  I've seen it out there, just not very often.  


It's like Christmas every time I go to the paint shop.

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