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"Stunt" Maneuvers

maneuvers flight controls

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NovaTempest #1 Posted 24 September 2019 - 05:44 PM

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Over the course of my playtime in this game I have learned of various kinds of trick maneuvers and other things to either get the jump on bots and players, or to get myself in a good position in the air. I'm aware of the Hs 123's rather well known "Turn on a dime" maneuver - for instance.

Recently I discovered - with proper equipment - that there is another German GA that can pull a rather interesting defensive trick.

I have my Ha 137 configured in a way it can more easily defend itself since it lacks a rear turret, that means maneuverability, so LWF. The other day I had a bot A6M1 coming in head on toward me, we exchanged bursts and he came out much worse for wear, though not a burning wreck. I happened to decide to try out a manual pitch up - surprise surprise - the Ha 137 managed to just get halfway through a half-loop before beginning to encroach on the red. To my surprise however the stall that resulted dropped the nose down faster than I could have manually pitched it, so I quickly turned the plane rightside up again - boosting back into the white in the process - then blasted the Zero out of the air as it flew into a cap circle.

This move took what felt like five to six seconds to pull off, and is probably the smoothest air kill I have ever scored in a GA. :amazed:

Its fun to find planes that can gain these interesting maneuverability characteristics, I'm curious to see what others are out there aside from the horrific one Fw 190's suffer from, and the one the pancake possessed that got nerfed.

(My flying experience in the Ki-84 is another story entirely... :trollface:)

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LMG #2 Posted 24 September 2019 - 10:57 PM

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My friend, you have just discovered the Hammerhead (also known as a stall-turn). Embrace it in all your GAA endeavors, as they seem to not only have the easiest time doing one, they also get the most out of them. If you wanna practice it, you can try it on either the Duck (Hs 129 B) or the Duckling (Hs 129 A), as both can actually do them fairly easilly. Just point upwards, get some distance from the ground, then kill your speed, with a bit of roll in the general direction you want to turn. Here's a video where you can clearly see me do several:


This is now World of Fancy Flying :honoring:

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This is my IL-2 (t). There are many like it, but this one is mine. :child:

wylleEcoyote #3 Posted 26 September 2019 - 09:42 PM

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Even with the compressed altitude bands and ground effects and air frame parameters that aren't "quite" realistic to reality (looking at YOU Horton, P-80 ... ) There are quite a few real world fancy flying tricks that you can do in this game. Some of which you probably do without even realizing it. 

Watching Postal Monkey videos where he flies any heavy plane he has and he does something he calls an "Up and Over" to avoid overshooting.  That's a basic "Wing over" 
When you do it combined with a turn in the same direction as a much slower and more agile target ...
that is a thing called a 'high Yo-Yo'. Done well (as Postal tends to do) it is super effective.

Wikipedia is no substitute for actualdog fightingschools but its a great place to start

Speaking of interesting maneuverability characteristics and those much-maligned Fw 190's ...

And these are still basic. Sort of. There is some difference between doing them and doing them well.
Accidentally or on purpose.

If you are curious about expert tricks that almost never happen by accident  ... 
watch SpirtFoxMY jink their way into the correct position to successfully pull of a High G Barrel Roll  in one of his Fw 190 videos.

As for other expert 'trick's i got one for Mustang, MiG, and 109 drivers.   
did you know...?

It also (sometimes) works with heavy fighters that tend to fall into rolling scissors against other heavies and/or certain high speed bombers.

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Fair warning. My success rate at speculative guesswork is much like my WinRate. Hit or Miss.
Usually I start on the right track and then a make a weird left turn and get lost in the weeds ... 
And yet it doesn't stop me from speculation.

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