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Deciballistic #1 Posted 23 August 2019 - 12:03 AM

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So my computer is still usable but getting up in age as far as computers go.  I thought as an alternative to spending the money on a new computer, that I would try a service called Shadow, https://shadow.tech/usen  I subscribed for the year, but there is a 10 day trial period that you pay $9.99 for before paying the yearly fee and you can cancel the subscription with in that trial period.  Has anyone else tried this service and if so, what were your results?  The server hardware and network connection are great, but that didn't carry over to my local computer screen.  Speed tests on my local computer show me getting a DL of around 22 Mbps which is with in what the Shadow specs say will work, but the frame rates I was seeing on my screen seemed choppy and the 50fps that WoWP said I was getting, definitely was not what I was getting on my local screen.  I thought maybe it was just WoWP that was having an issue so I asked my son to log onto his Steam account and play Rocket League.  Once again, his connection in game to the game server was great, but the latency he was experiencing when playing made the game unplayable to him.  My performance may be a result of my internet connection and others may have a better result than I did, but for me, I still get better performance on my own computer than connecting to another server to play.


The Shadow concept is great, but for me and my internet connection, it currently does not compare to running the games locally.

trikke #2 Posted 26 August 2019 - 02:17 AM


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heard about this on NPR, and just guessed that it wasn't going to work for planes

tanks and ships, sure

and now we know.     ty for testing it for us!


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