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i know this is world of war planes but

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Deltavee #21 Posted 09 September 2019 - 02:01 AM

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Oregon speaks of attack sub speeds, Noreaga speaks of ambushes. 

So basically you're flying a sub under water either ambushing or being ambushed or just duking it out.

I think they just mashed WoT and WoWP together into one entity. YES! 

Tanks kemp bush and so can subs if the underwater geography is reasonably usable.  We will see because it's going to be a thing..


Banking a high speed attack sub into a brutal break to the side twenty feet off the bottom of the ocean?  Hells yes!  Anything you can do in the air you can do in the water since they're both 3-axis playspaces.  Hmm, looping a submarine?  I'm definitely going to try it if the game allows it.  This is going to feel like flying heavy fighters while being pursued by ordnance that can follow you around.  Yow.  Trick a torpedo into flying into a mountainside?  The torp speeds will be important.  The Russians actually built one sub that could outrun a torpedo.  Just one.  At those speeds most of the sensor suites didn't work very well so they were essentially flying blind.  And at 45 knots underwater you make a helluvah lot of noise for others to track.  But better than torpedo in jacksie.

I tried to envision the game with subs that worked at RL speeds and came to the conclusion that they would be death traps because...getting run over by DDs, which hunt in packs if they're properly organized.   Even a single destroyer can be a stiff opponent for a sub.  Two destroyers on a single sub is very bad news.  Three or more is a dead cert wipeout.


My favourite DD is the Smith which is a very fast, very agile dancer.  I use it exclusively for knife-fighting, 11-second single torp reload and all.  Stitching a BB to pieces solo with it is a riot so sub hunting won't be that hard...if it comes with depth charges when WG puts them out.  Or will WG put homing torps on DDs?  That would be really interesting.

CVs are so dead....


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