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What are the Best Premium Planes in the Tech Tree for Sale?

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Sink_Stuff #21 Posted 06 August 2019 - 02:59 AM

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View PostMaqor, on 06 August 2019 - 12:23 AM, said:



I'd like to add more detail here. 

  • If you like the Tornado but would be willing to trade a few rockets for slightly better turning, get the Seafang. If you'd rather give up a little turn ability for even more rockets, get the J 21RB. With either one, you want to build it for turning so that you can kill all the bot multiroles and most of the fighters.
  • P-80A is like a Bf109F or P-51A but with even more speed relative to its tier. Not a pure turn and burn or pure boom and zoom, this energy fighter playstyle mixes elements of both. You manipulate your speed and altitude to aid your turning ability.
  • XP-58 is a monster but the guns are tough to aim. It deals massive damage if it can get close. Great tailgun makes it hard to kill. Try the Ki-45 and Ki-102 or the top gun on the P-38F to get more comfortable aiming derp guns.
  • Do335A-1 is like taking a Fw190A-5 and giving it better bombs and great altitude and climbing performance. I recommended trying the Mosquito even though they don't fly the same, because it relies very heavily on using it's bombs. If you get comfortable with a bomb-first playstyle in a heavy, then the Do335A-1 is your choice.
  • The IL-10M is a ground attacker that sacrifices survivability and a bit of bomb and rocket damage for vastly improved maneuverability. If you slow way down to near your stall speed, you can out turn most multiroles and jets. This GAA can fight back. The NC1070, on the other hand, is a more typical ground attacker.
  • The Me109TL is in between two playstyles. This makes it bad stock but it can be strong with the right equipment, crew skills, and consumables. Some build it like a heavy fighter with protection equipment to minimize bomber and GAA tailgun fire. I use a full turn build and consumables to make it a brawler. That way it out turns the multiroles but can still run away from fighters. You can also build it to be a speedy boom and zoomer, but the guns are very uncomfortable for this.

I recommend going up several different lines up to tier 5 to see what you like. Then get the tier 6 in the line you like best. If you can do well in it, consider getting the tier 8 that's most similar to it.

I'll warn you, the game is a lot harder at tier 8. Enemies capture bases much faster. Bots are way better. Even playing tier 7 isn't adequate preparation. On the bright side, playing tier 8 improved my play tremendously. I especially notice it when grinding my tier 5 and 6 planes.


Thank you so much I appreciate this.

Maqor #22 Posted 06 August 2019 - 09:57 AM

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View PostSink_Stuff, on 06 August 2019 - 02:59 AM, said:

Thank you so much I appreciate this.


No problem. If you're interested, I'll share whatever information I can. I joined in February and started researching all the tier 8 premiums like you're doing. These are my findings from that research, from playing the ones I ended up choosing (Me109TL, P-80A, and IL-10M), and playing against others.


Here's what I think about the other tier 8 premiums:

  • BVP.203 is a standard German heavy. Straight line boom and zoom, make diving passes on targets, hunt bombers. That kind of thing. It doesn't have bombs or rockets, though, which is a big deal at tier 8. Without them it's much harder to quickly capture military bases and command centers. This is sort of a generic fallback choice of a tier 8 heavy. If you like using bombs on your heavies, get the Do335A-1 instead. If you can handle short range derp guns, get the XP-58. I rarely see this plane in game (I see the other 2 heavies instead), people probably get bored of it because it's not very unique.
  • I-260 is a lot like the Me109TL, with some tradeoffs. It gets a huge sniper cannon that can 2-shot a lot of enemies. On the downside, it bleeds speed very badly. It also has no rockets or bombs (though they're kinda weak on the Me109TL anyway). This plane has to keep enemies at a distance. If they get close, you're done for. Try either the Yak-9 or Ki-93 sniper planes before you buy this. More of a "meme plane" for the laughs of 1-shot kills on slightly damaged enemies.
  • La-11 is the only pure turn and burner (but at tier 8 multiroles and altitude fighters spend a lot of time turn fighting, until a Yak-15 comes along...) It's slow like an A6M Zero, but with fast overheating guns like a Ki-43-I. You better be good at dodging 2 or 3 enemies coming at you at once. This plane can't chase enemies down and it can't run away. Only get this if you want to turnfight 100% of the time. Max out all your equipment, pilot skills, and consumables for turning (and probably Reinforced Bolt Carriers in the weapon equipment slot to improve the short burst length).
  • Horten Ho 229 is fast like the P-80A but doesn't turn as well. It gets sniper cannons in return. It's a pure boom and zoom plane, the cannons are not good for close range fighting. Approach your target from far away, get off 3 shots, then let the guns cool down while you soar away untouched. Build for speed and/or protection and don't get in turning fights with enemy fighters or multiroles.
  • RB-17, I'm not a bomber pilot. This is a very popular premium. It seems to fit several different bomber playstyles. Fly high and slow, fast and low, or change throughout the battle. Get good at using the gunner turret before you get this.


There are more altitude fighters, the JL-1A-37 and XF15C. The P-80A is the easiest to use stock, but these can be built to be versatile and well-rounded if you invest heavily in ultimate equipment and pilot skills. I do not recommend getting them, however, because the Vampire F1 is better all-around. 

  • JL-1A-37 gets worse turning ability than the P-80A in exchange for better guns. If you want it to become a well-rounded altitude fighter, you need to build it to improve its turning.
  • XF15C gets worse turning and worse speed than the P-80A but gets way better guns in return (slightly less powerful than those of the JL-1A-37, but way easier to use). You can build it like a heavy fighter (speed and protection equipment and skills) to go after heavies and bombers or you can improve its maneuverability for dogfighting all the multiroles.
  • Vampire F1 is only available through completing the in-game missions (or buying a ton of tokens). Basically a better JL-1A-37 or XF15C, it gets the speed and guns without giving up maneuverability.


So, that's what I think about them, but what about other people? What do they seem to like and what do they play well?


The Do335A-1, XP-58, Vampire, and RB-17 are the most popular and I often see players do very well in them. The P-80A is also very popular but it's 50/50 whether the player knows what they're doing or not. The next tier is the Seafang, Me109TL, IL-10M, and NC1070. Seafang and NC1070 players usually do well while Me 109TL and IL-10M players don't (which makes sense because the Seafang and NC1070 are more straightforward while the Me109TL needs to be built properly and the IL-10M is difficult to play well).


The Horten was extremely popular its first month in the game and has declined to this second tier (the playstyle is probably too repetitive for most). It doesn't seem like many bought the J 21RB, but it is the kind of premium I like seeing them add to the game: decent in most areas but with one strength pushed to the extreme (in this case fast-reloading rockets). I see the J8M sometimes. but I've never seen one affect the battle in a meaningful way. I've never seen a human I-260, JL-1A-37, BVP.203, La-11, or XF15C in battle.

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