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NEW guy again...bombers...newbie bought a plane.

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BUNNYHUGGERI #1 Posted 26 June 2019 - 03:47 PM

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Actually it is my second premium plane.  I bought the French SN CASE 100.  I decided to go ahead and buy the RB 17 due to some AMAZING video's on you tube.  YES...I know the Community Contributors cherry pick the hell out of them but if I get half of what they do I will be HAPPY (see what I did there?).

So...lets talk of what the heck I am doing wrong.


First I played around 12 to 15 games in it last night.  The shortest game was around 3minutes with a long one being 7 minutes.  I was the top player 3 or 4 times and the top 3 most of the rest except maybe 2.  This made me feel pretty good.  BUT...I did not manage to make any amount of money that I have heard I should make (some games were under 40k and some were up to 125-150k).  So wide range of earnings.


The neat thing about these games is I LOST ALL BUT A FEW OF THEM!  Even when top player I think I lost 8 or 9 in a row.  I realize that this is not a popular view point but I am responsible or every single loss my team has.  I am the only one in the game that can influence MY game.  So...I lost a lot of my teams games.  BUT...could I change that?


When attacking a cap circle I bombed till I was empty.  Then I would fly tight circles to stay in the cap circle because someone told me if I leave the circle I do nothing.  I killed most of the targets I dropped on but I have a question about those targets.  As a bomber which "target" is the priority?  Is it the AA guns or the factory?  Big set of tents or the little ones that just need one bomb set to kill.  When I drop and don't kill the target then I really get nothing for it?  How do you do a decent amount of damage when the games end so damn fast?  Is there a build for bomber crews that help them loads faster (WOT adrenaline rush)?


And final note.  Would anyone mind typing or posting a pic of their bomber build so I can get an idea of "tank" vs cannon (bomb) builds?



P.S.  Went to the discord server and the question I have is do people get on there and speak with words using their voice?  I cannot understand a chat server where no one "chats".  Or is it just type like crazy stuff?


Thank you for your consideration.

comtedumas #2 Posted 26 June 2019 - 03:57 PM

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Start here.  



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Captain_Underpants53 #3 Posted 26 June 2019 - 04:41 PM


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Is it Spec yet?  Strengthened Hardpoints do wonders for your bomb reload speed.  I like to shoot through the cap, unloading as I go, and be outside the AAA reach while reloading.  I like to fly a bit lower than most for bomb accuracy but I have a high skill gunner to help me do that.  EVERY SINGLE WHITE DOT of a building must be wiped out to get the cap meter moving to blue.  The most important targets in each cap are the ones with the most white dots.  Always look for a mistake by your opponent and pick up that last white dot he leaves.  Conversely, don't make that mistake yourself.


Getting low on health?  That heavy AAA just became your most important target.  Cap close to flipping?  That biggest target became most important.  I often unload everything on it.


Mostly it is a matter of experience.  You would do better using the He 111 H-2 on Tier IV to get it.  That said, without my RB-17 I would not be hoarding over a billion silver right now.  Good luck!

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SpiritFoxMY #4 Posted 26 June 2019 - 04:49 PM


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Hey there new guy!


As a bomber, your absolute priority should be the targets your fighters cannot hurt - the little white/red squares.


There are a few basic rules to bombing:

1. Aim for the big targets.

2. Make sure you destroy all the structures in a target. This is important! A mistake many newbie players make is that they fail to "clean up" a target and get kill-stolen by an enemy bot/player. 

3. As a bomber, don't hang around inside the circle - you're constantly attracting flak if you do. Fly in, drop your bombs, get out and wait for a reload in a safe place.


Now, for the more detailed stuff:

1. Bombers should NOT be attacking AA points unless convenient (that is, you have one last load of bombs before reload and you cannot kill anything better with them before leaving the cap)

2. Every type of cap is different and that makes target priorities different. I used to have screenshots of all of them but they keep getting buried... bottom line though; aim for the biggest targets with the most little white/red squares in em'

3. Don't fly in orbit unless you have no choice. Its popular for bombers to "go into space" to avoid flak (yes, you can fly above flak), but you fly so slow, affecting the battle is difficult.

4. Bombers are all about efficiency so line up multiple targets to try and kill as many high value ones in one pass. As mentioned, don't stay in the flak zone. Fly in, bomb everything and get out

5. Cap point priorities for bombers should be (1) Mining Plants, (2) Missile Bases, (3) Command Centers, (4) Garrisons, (5) Airbases

6. Don't bother attacking airfields (the small circles with a plane icon). You cannot capture them by destroying ground targets alone.


Some bomber play:


These will also give you an idea of the different bomber trees. If you need any more information, just ask and we'll try to provide.



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Captain_Underpants53 #5 Posted 26 June 2019 - 05:58 PM


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My RB-17 build (all Ultimate):


Cockpit Armor

Engine Armor

High Speed Gas Turbine

Turret Gunsight (special project)

Strengthened Hardpoints


My crew (350+ hours):


Battle Tested

Aerodynamics Expert

Protection Expert

Demolition Expert

Cruise Flight


Of these Demo Expert and Protection Expert should be your first priority, then Resilience and Battle Tested.




Ballistics Expert

Quick Reflexes

Defensive Fire

Precision Gunner

It's hard for me to give a priority here but I generally like Armorer and Precision Gunner first.


Good luck!



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desert786 #6 Posted 26 June 2019 - 10:19 PM

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the videos you watch were prob before the economy nerf. you used to be able to pull in 300k=500k a battle EZ with prem account. now a good battle is 300k.


now for contrast to CAP. U.P. build. i run a speed build, which is pretty much the same exept instead of engine armor i use uprated engine. focus traits max boosted speed, cooldown, unboosted speed and cruise.might also consider the radar unit, but meh.


For pilot

Battle Tested

Aerodynamics Expert

Demolition Expert

Cruise Flight (will replace with engine guru 1 & 2 some day)


fire resistant or view range.


note on protection expert; all it does is increase crit resist and give a small amount of HP, kinda meh to me. to put thing into perspective you only gain like what 10%hp from equipment then 40% of equipment so 14% more hp. so what like 180+ hp? quick approximated maths no where near correct, very ballpark estimate. for me meh, gotta go fast!!!!


gunner spec into Armorer Ballistics Expert skills first, then defensive fire, then Precision Gunner, then whatever.


i feel the 30% dmg reduction is more useful then improved crit chance with how the game has evolved currently. i feel the crit is a luxury rather than a necessity



pretty much everyone covered everything. as for recommended play style do what is comfortable for you, as long as you are efficient. bombing from space(3km+) is possible, but is inefficient. you lose speed and accuracy. I find it much more efficient to stay at around 1800-2km and go fast. RB 17 goes 800KPH for a very long time, using that speed to strike and then reposition is the RB 17's greatest strength. 


if you enjoy how the RB 17 plays then the bomber you prob want to go for are the German high tier bomber JU 287 and EF 131. the Russian bombers are more dive bomber/Heavy Fighter hybrids until you get to the SU 10. unfortunately i find the mid tier German bomber are well......bad. long reload, plus bad defensive armament. means you kinda have to play in space to be safe or just accept that you will be intercepted be a HF. low alt bombing is an option, which helps with accurately placing you bombs, but you kinda don't have the engine power to keep fast. the 5-7 are just a hard grind. the 8 ju 288 c isn't too much better, but least it can get multiple guns on target, giving it a little more survivability.


bombers are very strong at the moment, if you are not in the top three every match in the RB17 something is going wrong. It is too strong of a plane to under perform. Something that has helped me a lot in all three WG products is to be introspective. look at what your doing each match, what worked, what didn't work. ask yourself why did i lose? why did that happen? How did that drop miss? How did that guy kill me? most importantly what mistake did I make? making mistakes are fine as long as you learn from them.


Improve and have fun!

BB3_Oregon_Steel #7 Posted 26 June 2019 - 11:21 PM

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Ok, I guess I'm going to say something that is pretty obvious that would apply to most players that isn't being mentioned here. 


Question:  If I were new to WOT's and lets say I wandered into the Premium Shop and walked out with a shiny new US T-34 Tier VIII Heavy Tank, took it into battle and was wondering why I was losing in all the games I played?  I'm betting you'd naturally roll on the floor laughing, tell me I'm crazy and direct me toward the T1 Cunningham and tell me to go learn how to drive tanks. 


To one extent or another, I play all three games and while I've found some skills are translatable from one to another, a lot of them aren't and you have to really bear down and learn some of the quirks of what needs to be done in each game to be successful. 


Certainly having over 60k games in anything gives you a lot of experience others don't have, and maybe all that assimilated experience makes you one of those exceptions to what would normally be common sense for anyone else.  


But if that's not the case, then it's likely that at least part of your challenge is moving into a higher tier plane without gaining the in-game experience that all those lower tier planes have to teach you.  I've played around 6k games of World of Warships and about another 1K here in WOWPS between ver 1.9 and ver 2.0.  If I suddenly decided I just had to jump into the cockpit of a P-80 shooting star, I would expect to get my little tush kicked from one end of the sky to the other and deservedly so. 


You also need to understand that finishing in the top 3 in WOWPs doesn't mean your fighting all that well.  Most of the planes you're going to run into, both on your side and the red planes, are going to be bots and in that environment, top three finishes should be expected from a human player so it doesn't quite mean the same thing as a top 3 finish in WOTs or WOWS would mean.   You can end up in the top three over and over again and all that might mean is that you're better than the average bot. 


All that aside however, actually winning a battle in WOWPs is different than what you are used to in Tanks or Ships.  You're going to have multiple objectives.  Unlike WOWS, these objectives all provide different benefits and become more or less important depending on your teams current situation. As such, determining which objectives need to be taken now or later has a great deal to do with whether you and your bots can win the game.  Now with the ability to partially direct friendly bots, this gives an added complexity to this issue since what you do with that control, or fail to do, can materially alter the results of the battle. 


You also need to understand that since there is a dearth of human players, the actions of those humans who are actually in the battle are magnified, hence, the decisions you make are likewise magnified and have a disproportionate impact compared to what you are used to in Tanks or Ships. 


In other words, what I am saying is that even if you are being successful as a pilot and exploderating and shooting down stuffs in gross lots, you can still end up losing the the battle because you are in the wrong place, doing the wrong things and the opposing humans aren't. 


You are doing the right thing by coming here and asking questions though, you might have noticed but the people who really know there stuff have flown a LOT of missions and their knowledge can help you. 


For my part, I would take a hard look at my actual piloting skills and determine if I really were skilled enough at present to be flying the aircraft I'm flying. If not, a bit of time in the lower tiers might help you acquire the skills you need.  I'd then try to figure out what the successful rules or thumb are concerning objections, where to fight and when and with what planes.   There's a lot of learn here but here's some solid rules of thumb. 


Airfields: Try to avoid fighting for these unless pretty much everything else has already been captured by your side.  Airbases are harder to flip than most bases, requiring a lot of effort to hold and capture and do not generally provide benefits equal to the effort needed to capture them.  Lots of players and bots will flock to them nevertheless so using your bot controls to have at least one of the bots divert from that and join you is probably a good idea. 


Mines: Produce more victory points than anything else, however they have no defense fighters so you can't normally flip one by wiping out it's aerial defenses.  This means normally pounding it out by blowing up ground targets so attacking one of these in a fighter with limited ground attack capabilities is of limited use, at least early in the game. It also means that if you capture a mine, there will be no friendly air defense fighters appearing to defend it so it's something you need to keep an eye on. 


Command Centers: Possibly the most valuable target in the game.  It has decent defenses but once those are overcome it will start sending out flights of bombers to attack enemy bases making them easier to flip.  


Military Bases: Probably the second most valuable installation.  Once capture it will begin sending rocket strikes to attack adjacent enemy held bases.  It's limited range makes it not quite as helpful as a Command Center but it's still a valuable asset. 


Garrisons: These bases are helpful since they are ultra easy to flip and not that horrible to hold.  Garrisons are really really useful if your team is behind and you need to start flipping bases quickly to stop the bleeding and get back into the game. 


The Vast Unpopulated Regions:  Everything outside of an objective's circle.  It's not that fighting out here does no good at all, but it just doesn't do much good.  You'll still get points for your team by killing planes out here, but killing the same plane while within a objectives area will also either loosen  the red planes hold on that objective or strengthen your own.  Btw, the opposite is also true if you get killed while with an objective. 


That's rule of thumb stuffs, but it might be useful as a kind of beginning guide to bases.  


Best of Luck!!

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desert786 #8 Posted 27 June 2019 - 12:10 AM

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streamer/pro tip. press + until you mini map is as big as it gets.


you can also change the, er view? perspective? of the mini map by pressing. by going into alt mode holding ctrl and pressing the 0 or 9 next to the mini map. I like the whole map perspective rather than the "close" one since it lets me see the more of the map and plan according to what going on. rather than pressing tab a bunch.


also alt mode, you can change alt to toggle in the control settings.

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Mercsn #9 Posted 27 June 2019 - 06:48 AM


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With premium, the SN Case 100 isn't a bomber or ground attacker, don't use it like one and it's mid tier so earnings are lower.  The RB17 can bring in a boatload, especially on premium.  I rarely play bomber anymore because I always get an HF bot with a hardon for me. 


The way you make money with it is get a map with 2 plants.  Fly low over the plant so you don't take flak damage.  They've recently nerfed the already nerfed low altitude performance of bombers by increasing bomb blast radius TO YOUR airplane.  But, you can still get under the flak guns and not blow yourself up once you figure out what altitude to use and how to eyeball the bomb drop (since the bombsight isn't practical at low altitude). Bomb the plant, fly out, reload, bomb the plant and capture it.  Use your boost to climb up over the fighting enroute to the next plant and dive down under the flak, rinse and repeat.  300k game, if an HF bot doesn't take a shine to ya.


Remember, 1 ground target "kill" is equal to killing all of (or the very last surviving piece) the pieces of the ground target. So, an AA gun has 4 pieces for example, some targets have 6 or more pieces for "one" target.


You can mouse over your personal points on the post match summary to see where you're getting your personal points from.  Personal points = credits earned. 

All the Important Thread Links (go here for answers!) Might be outdated!

All-in-one thread with 2.0 related guide links.


The below was said to me (Mercsn), from a concerned player:

Edited, on 12 March - 2:01PM , said:

and PS...play more, forum less.  Your opinion might be more credible.

trikke #10 Posted 22 July 2019 - 01:54 AM


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should be  in Newcomers forum.     so much great information here, from great pilots
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Captain_Rownd #11 Posted 22 July 2019 - 03:52 AM

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View PostSpiritFoxMY, on 26 June 2019 - 06:49 AM, said:


5. Cap point priorities for bombers should be (1) Mining Plants, (2) Missile Bases, (3) Command Centers, (4) Garrisons, (5) Airbases

6. Don't bother attacking airfields (the small circles with a plane icon). You cannot capture them by destroying ground targets alone.



Airfields are low priority, but caps are caps. and caps are points.  In a bomber you're often starving for something to bomb, and you don't take an entire cap by yourself anyway.  (and shouldn't be trying to, since going solo means every enemy gun in that cap is focused on YOU)


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