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Specialist Planes - Who Has What?

specialist planes specialist planes

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wylleEcoyote #41 Posted 18 July 2019 - 03:59 PM

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I run only two very specific mods for this game.
One is a different gun sight. it uses a larger recticle that makes shooting at high angles of deflection less of a pain in the butt.

The other mod is one that marks every bot with an *asterisk in front of its name <*Gavin *Ivan *Mechislav *Chad *Hans etc> in any place in the battle UI where that name can show up.

Thus for me i know who is human. And all of you get an extra bit of attention when it comes to determining target priority  .
The only thing that Specialist symbol does for me is to tell me That Human Over There is more likely to produce extra #tryhard shenanigans when I decide to make it Be Gone.

I specialize what i can and when i can.
I have realized that any human player that can only tell the difference between me and a bot by the wings
is not likely to be as much of a threat as they could be.
Also the gear is useful when I know what to do with it. This can lead to interesting and different gameplay experiences. For example look to the Bf 109 Emil with a Turn build and swap it out for a cruise build. It becomes a different plane altogether.

Pehaps most importantly it gives me an ongoing goal to keep playing planes that i might otherwise allow to collect dust.
(hello P-38. Its nice to see ya.)

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Fair warning. My success rate at speculative guesswork is on par with my WinRate. Hit or Miss.
 I start on the right track and then sometimes make a weird left turn and get lost in the weeds ... 

Specialist Planes earned: Japan, USA, UK, Germany, USSR, Europe
Light Fighters:  Ar 68/80, Bf 109 B/E/E-3/F/G, Fw 159, He 51/100 D-1/112, Ho 229, Me 209 A/ v4/ P.1092, Spit.V DB605​, Ta 152 
Ki-5/8/10/27/43-I/43-II, A4N, A5M, A6M1, Hurricane Ia, Bristol 146, Spitfire Vb IM, DH.100 F1, I-17Yak-1MiG-3
P-23/36/36C/39N-1/40, XP-31/36F/55, Hawk 75M, Model 81A-1, , P-51A, XF15C

MultiRole Fighters: Type 91, P-12/26/35/43, XP-44, P-47B, F11C-2, F4F/U-1, 
TyphoonAr 65, Fw 190 A-1/5/D, BV P.210/212.03, I-5/15/16(e)(l)

Heavy Fighters: P-38 F/J, XP-58P-82 B, Beaufighter/ VAo 192, Fw 57, Bf 110 B/C-6/E, Me 410, Bf 109 Z, Do 335 A-1, Me 262, Tu-1, SE 100,

Attack Aircraft: BSh-2, Hs 123/129 A, Ha 137, Fw 189 C, Ju 87 G, Me 265, Me 1099 B-2
Bombers: B-17 G, Do 17 Z / 217 M, He 111 H2, Ju 288 C, Pe-2 


crzyhawk #42 Posted 18 July 2019 - 10:52 PM

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Mine are in my sig.

USA: XP31; F11C-2; YP29; F2A-1; XF4F-3; P36C; Hawk 81A1; P38F; XFL; XF4U-1; P39N; XP55; P-47B; F4U1,4; P51H  

UK: Goldfinch; Skua; Type 224; Wirraway; Bristol 146; Blenheim F; Fantome; Hurricane I, II, IId; Beaufighter, V, ; Mosquito; Boomerang; Venom; Spit I, Ia, V, Vb, IX, XIV; Tornado; Mustang I, Ia; Tempest; Seafang; Vampire |   

 | Germany: FW56; AR67; Do17Z7; BF109B, E, E-3, F, G; Bf110B; Me209v4; Spit V DB605, FW190A5   | Japan: Ki5, 61, 84, 88; A6M1, 3, A7M; | 

  ROC: Hawk II; Ki43c; Tomahawk IIb; Mosquito 26; P51K | EU: S510; B534; S199 | VVS: LaGG 3(4); P40M105; Yak7M82, 1, 1M, 3; La5

hoom #43 Posted 01 August 2019 - 04:07 PM

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Updated my list again, I'm starting to run low on planes to Specialise: out of 74 in Hangar only 20 haven't reached Specialised.

C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas le SerB.

hoom #44 Posted 15 September 2019 - 05:39 AM

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Another update.

Now 50 out of 74 in Hangar

I did sell one Specialised plane the F4F, I wanted to enjoy it but its really quite irredeemable compared to other T5s & I've moved on to the superb F4U-1.

C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas le SerB.

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