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losttwo #21 Posted 17 May 2019 - 12:37 PM

    which way do we go?

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View PostblindfoId, on 17 May 2019 - 04:52 AM, said:

Let me sum up the discussion and provide some answers :)


1. We do have plane W/R which is shown currently only oin clan portal. There was a thought to remove it when clan portal was under maintenance so it would correlate with the statistics available in your profile on the portal but this stats remained (I mean plane W/R) based on your feedback as many of you were and are interested in this particular numbers. Whether this information will be added to the profile page or not is still a question of discussion.

2. Initially, plane W/R was removed from profiles due to possibility to change planes on Airbase during the battle as HoujuuNue correctly says. Let's say, you chose the Hurricane, then changed it for A6M3 and win a game. Which aircraft should get that win?

3. Regarding clan portal statistics, Captain_Underpants53, here GeorgePatton is absolutely right. Only planes that have been flown count towards these numbers. 

4. wylleEcoyote has a good point here! Current statistics in player's profile shows how many sorties a particular plane has and how many times it was chosen to start a battle. 


I will address #2 on your list.


The same battle count result as if you were bumped off the server in the middle of the game.

I know of several instances where i enter a match and can not participate due to some unknown instance.

That battle is still added to your account, win or lose.


Like wise if you are in a match and change planes then both planes have participated.

Therefore they should both gain the win/loss % and an additional battle count.


I just think it follows a natural course of logic and common sense.

You made the decision to switch planes, for what ever reason.

Both planes should receive the results, good or bad.


Both planes will cost repairs if both are destroyed,

Both planes are charged consumables.

Both suffer the cost of ammo and ordnance.


For example:

Start of match you choose a Bomber.

Bomber gets a couple of sectors and a few ground targets.

At some point you switch to a Heavy Fighter and finish the match.


Your battle count becomes a +1. 100%

The bomber battle count becomes a +1, 100%

The Heavy battle count becomes a +1, 100%

If the match was a win then both get a win.


While I am at it. Let me my thoughts about the sortie variance.

It could be changed to a survival % rather than as it is now

What % of the battles do you survive ( individual plane )

Do you have a 75% survival in the P-36

Yet your P-36 has a win rate of 45%

while you're sitting with an overall Win rate of 50%.

Just my thoughts

_A_3_ #22 Posted 17 May 2019 - 03:18 PM

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View PostCaptain_Underpants53, on 17 May 2019 - 11:47 AM, said:


Regarding clan portal statistics, since you brought it up, why are the # 1 and #3 ranked clans in their position?  If you look at their Average Battles per Day, supposedly a major factor, they do almost no flying.


Does your win/rate drop if you do not play?

Captain_Underpants53 #23 Posted 17 May 2019 - 03:51 PM


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View Post_A_3_, on 17 May 2019 - 10:18 AM, said:


Does your win/rate drop if you do not play?


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losttwo #24 Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:07 PM

    which way do we go?

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Did someone really answer that ? :facepalm::teethhappy:

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