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New Javelin vs Bots

TierX bots Javelin losttwo

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losttwo #1 Posted 29 April 2019 - 09:50 AM

    which way do we go?

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Here is a video showing some simple bot tactics from the perspective of a untrained unskilled pilot ( toon )

Granted I have experience playing the game which helps a great deal.

But for you knew players rushing up the tiers I am hoping this video will help.

This is from my second battle in the Javelin.


If you notice in the video That the HG262 bot ( Steffen ) Only engages due to being in the line of sight.

Then it does a diving escape and evasive tactic. I make the mistake of chasing it to low altitude.

After its destruction, I quickly return to high altitude.

Later in the video it will do a simple keep you in the loop tactic.


Notice that the heavy fighters are fixated on hunting bombers rather than engaging and will not perform any

escape and evasive tactics when engaging a bomber. This is normal in an all bot match,

Heavies will engage you but only if you are " in their line of sight ".


The Japanese planes are well above their altitude but tend to be defensive towards bombers.

When you attack a bomber watch for them to sneak up on you from below.


This is not some high scoring full of excitement video but is just a basic tactic towards a win.

It just simply shows, from repeated experience, that even with the most basic of tier X heavies can perform.


And yes, I did not pull off the bomber in time and accidentally rammed it, followed by a respawn .


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