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Official Update 2.0.10 Feedback Thread

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blindfoId #1 Posted 12 March 2019 - 01:22 PM

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Greetings pilots!


We would like to hear your opinions on the main points of the Update 2.0.10. All the changes introduced with this update can be found here


When posting your feedback please mind the forum rules.


Please respond using the format below:


1. Balance
Share your impressions of battle balance changes for some aircraft (USSR and German Attack Aircraft, improvement of the J8M's characteristics);
Share your impressions of balance changes for crew mechanics (Demolition Expert skill and pilot's injury effect on outboard weapon); 
Share your opinion on new aircraft type-specific missions for Heavy Fighters.
2. Game Modes
Share your impressions of changes in the "Conquest" game mode mechanics (the Group respawn mechanics and the Airbase mechanics).
3. Matchmaker
Did you like the changes in MM mechanics (reducing the number of Attack Aircraft and Bombers per team, separate matchmaker settings for new players)?
4. AI
Did you notice any changes in the AI behaviour? Did their aiming against poorly maneuvering targets increase? Did they become more active in capturing the nearest sectors? 
5. Technical problems
Do you encounter Black Screens when starting a battle (not on queue screen but in battle) and/or after respawn?
What technical problems do you face after the update?
6. Share your opinions about other points of Update that are not mentioned above.

Note that any posts which do not follow the proposed format will be un-approved. Keep your feedback constructive and on-topic. 


Thank you for your answers! :honoring:

SpiritFoxMY #2 Posted 12 March 2019 - 01:47 PM

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1. Balance

  • Have not noticed any difference in the Ground Attack aircraft but that's because I haven't flown one recently and I don't fly GAAs above tier 4 and below tier 9 anyway. Honestly, I think the turret nerf from the previous patch was a horrible hit from which the mid tier GAAs and bombers haven't recovered. J8M is now actually usable and fun to fly. This is a great improvement.
  • You guys nerfed DE to make us spend more gold, didn't you? Haven't noticed the effect of crew injury but I haven't played enough ground pounders (that had their pilots shot out at any rate) to tell.
  • No comment other than there needs to be more incentive for heavies to chase bombers.

2. Game Modes

  • Not a whole lot of difference. Slightly less frustrating since my bots no longer trickle in to die.

3. Matchmaker

  • In theory yes. In practice I still get thrown into teams where every guy on the other team is a Specialized GAA one tier higher. What am I supposed to do against two Specialized IL-40s and a Specialized 1099B-2 when my team consists of an unspecialized FJ-1, P-80 and Specialized JL-1A-37?

4. AI

  • I noticed that bots now delete me in a head on whereas in the past there was a 50/50 chance that I'd kill them first. For that matter, I've noticed I get deleted by bots in the middle of a dogfight as soon as I straighten out for the killing blow and should I mention 1.5km instant death while I was climbing for altitude from an I-215 bot?


5. Technical problems

  • There have been many games where it takes me up to 30 seconds AFTER the match has STARTED to load into the game.
  • Sudden changes in volume I did not command.

6. Share your opinions about other points of Update that are not mentioned above.

  • Love the new jet sounds! 
  • Please buff mid tier GAAs. Tier 5 and 6 in particular are straight up awful and now you've nerfed them AGAIN (indirectly with the DE nerf but still)
  • Still no ordnance options
  • Could we not have super bots flying around. Its bad enough when MM throws all the superpowered meta flying specialists onto one team, we don't need to have terminator bots as well. I have had a Mosquito follow my bomber around for half the match.
  • Gem of the Mountain is till in the game. Why is it still in the game?
  • Gem of the Mountain is till in the game. Why is it still in the game?
  • Gem of the Mountain is till in the game. Why is it still in the game?

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Captain_Underpants53 #3 Posted 12 March 2019 - 02:32 PM


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1:  You have gone too far in nerfing the bombers.  Nerfed bombs, turret gunner and DE skill.  Where I used to average 11 to 12 GT kills a game, I am lucky now if I get 8.


2:  No opinion


3:  Struggling to be polite here.  Try harder with the MM.


4:  Headhunting bots are still a thing.   Also, supposedly the bots put priority on closest priority bases now.  Well I keep having two bot heavies streak past their closest base all the way across the          map      at the start of the battle to attack me.  Identical bases by the way.


5:  I also experience black screens from queue, very slow entrance to the battle (my plane halfway across the map before I get control) and am often denied the opportunity to change spawn points to an airbase because I am thrown in too fast after a respawn.  Also about half my games just show a blank screen where you would normally see the map when pushing the tab key.


6:  No opinion except I don't like these changes when taken all together.

MSgt, USAF, (ret)

Martymart1976 #4 Posted 12 March 2019 - 03:27 PM

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BALANCE:  Bombers are not fun to fly anymore.  The turret fire nerf has made it harder and harder to 1) protect yourself effectively (your defensive range shrunk while fighters range stayed the same.  They can now get more lead into you before they come in range) and 2) specializing a bomber is almost impossible now with pew pew defensive guns.  Its almost an invitation to use tokens I.e. no practical way.

GAME MODES: Attrtion and bomber escort are OK.  However, if you can't rely on your bots to help capture sectors at the beginning of Attrition, it is a snowball effect that mostly results in a loss.


MATCHMAKER:  Still frustrating while your bots bumble around a sector for 5 minutes without capping while you see the ENTIRE red team bots flip sectors in short order! Also games where there are NO TOP TIER HUMANS on your team while you face a flight of TOP TIER HUMANS  in specialized planes is no fun, its down right frustrating.. I just take the loss and move on.


AI:  Ramming should result in the loss of both planes.  In WW2, the VVS used ramming as a LAST RESORT weapon when they were out of ammunition.  The crash usually resulted in a downed German plane and a posthumous Hero of the Soviet Union.  Bots need to maneuver and fire more.


TECHNICAL PEOBLEMS:  So far so good, I have a brand new gaming desktop with uber everything.  No crashes, stutters etc. so far!  



Not sure why Demolirion Expert got nerfed, seemed to be working fine.  Some ground attack and bomber pilots are now using "golden bombs" to compensate.  Would be cool to have WW2 patriotic songs playing in the hangar background, big history buff here though, and it might not be for everyone though...


legoboy0401 #5 Posted 12 March 2019 - 05:51 PM

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Bombers need a high-level accuracy buff, especially the German Tier VI and up Bombers. Their accuracy is rubbish right now(and a bombsight is locked behind specialist) and it really holds them back from being very competitive in the role(very high level bombers) that WG has designed for them. The DE nerf did not help. 



Game Modes:


Attrition is terrible, full-stop, for anyone who is better in either ground pounding class than in fighter types. It caters much too heavily to fighter mains and just ignores ground pounder(GAA and Bomber) mains utterly. Haven't played Bomber Escort or Invasion yet, so I haven't an opinion on them yet, but I will update this when I have.


Bomber Escort should, theoretically, be fun, but it's novelty wears off quickly because of its tedious nature(owing to it's 20 minute length). It gets tiresome very quickly. It's good for grinding, but not much else, and it is quite mentally and emotionally draining. I know yesterday I played a few battles and then I was like "meh, I'm done and bored with this now, on to... ... oh wait, I forgot. I can't be done with this now, there's no other game mode Tier IV and up at the moment. Grr."





Fine, mostly, but still too many battles with mostly players and decent players at minimum on the enemy team, and also decent bots, and mostly terrible bots plus 1 or two decent players and maybe 1 good player on the allied team.


Also encountered a team with 4 Spitfires in a match a few days ago. Needless to say, that was a landslide loss for us(the 4 Spitfires were on the enemy team).





bots in planes with large caliber guns are heavily disposed toward headhunting tendencies. In addition, Bot Heavies tend to only go for player bombers, and leave bot bombers unmolested. If you want them to continue to headhunt player bombers(please don't), please make them headhunt bot bombers in the same way.



Technical Problems: 


Black screen on queings have gotten out of hand. Please fix this ASAP.



Other points not mentioned:


The vertical turret angles nerf to bombers and Heavy Fighters that happened ever so long ago was completely unnecessary and should be rolled back. Most only had 60 degrees of depression or 60 of elevation anyways, but the B-17G's top turret and Sperry dorsal turret had a full 90 degrees of gun elevation and a full 90 degrees of gun depression, respectively. Historicity demands that these be unnerfed.


Please remove headhunting tendencies from all bots. It's getting annoying, and in the case of bombers, they already have enough headaches from player Heavy Fighters to need yet more headaches from headhunting bot Heavy Fighters.


Cold Peak needs to be a Tier VIII+ only map. Period. It's just too large for all Tier Vs and almost all Tier VIs, especially GAAs.


It's good to see the J8M get a buff, but the Me 209 V4 and He 100 D-1 need a buff just as much, if not more so, than the J8M did. They are both blatantly uncompetitive at their Tier(Tier V) due to their ludicrously poor armament.





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Captain_Underpants53 #6 Posted 12 March 2019 - 06:10 PM


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I decided on adding something to my comments above about control or the lack of control.






5    see all above


6   Things I can't control, my tier in a battle, the bots in a battle, my team mates in a battle,  the constant drip, drip, drip of nerfing you put out, the seemingly unfixable bugs, and more and more frequently, whether I have ANY impact on ANY battle, win or lose.


Things I can control, my wallet and my play time.  I can sit on my wallet, gives me back a bit of control.  I used to average between 30 - 35 battles a day.  That has steadily been dropping here lately.  I now only rarely get around 15 battles a day.  I frequently exit the game due to the frustration of having no impact and no control.


Am I going to quit?  Not yet.  I will check in once in a while to see if anything has improved.  But I have no control over that, do I?

MSgt, USAF, (ret)

HoujuuNue #7 Posted 12 March 2019 - 07:00 PM

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Damage with low caliber turrets is bad.

J8M is good to play now.

Bombers are more unreliable at killing ground targets now. New bombers accuracy is bad (Especially Ju287 stock bombs).

Doing less bomb/rocket damage because your pilot is injured makes no sense.

Specifically attacking bombers and gaa encourages hunting the enemy and not helping the team capture. If you want us to fly up for bombers and down for gaa all the time then increase the rate of climb.

Getting capture points attacking and defending is a good change.


Game Modes:


Doesn't seem to spawn as a group sometimes.

Why not decrease the group spawn timer when you have an air base?




Seperate matchmaking for new players is a good start but won't they reach 4000 exp in like 2 games?

Should focus on fixing the unbalanced teams instead




Heavy and Bombers still fly to the farthest sector first. Usually on maps with a military base.


Technical Problems:


The HUD stops updating more frequently.

Propellers are stuck spinning at low speeds sometimes

Disconnected after a game




Why is a big map like Cold Peak not a high tier only map? Gem of the Mountain is a bad map and should be removed from the game

Bots head hunt players too much


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TankNoob1960 #8 Posted 12 March 2019 - 09:37 PM

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There are a couple of head scratching issues presented by the new update!


1) Balance - Games have never been balanced. Now they are even less balanced. ( Spec planes/Bombers/killer Bots etc...)


2) Game modes - OK.. but lose the 3 cap maps above T5!


3) Matchmaker - I see a lot of teams with 2 carpet bombers while the other team has 2 precision bombers... Not even by any stretch.



   a) BOTS are insane and SUPER OP - I have had bots chase and kill my bombers exclusively for entire matches. I have been "head-on" killed way too many times.

   b) WHY NERF the guns on bombers??? - They are sitting ducks in this current meta... STOP IT.

   c) Make the pilot MORE VULNERABLE?? Are you NUTS??  - (Do the DEVS ever PLAY the GAME with stock or un-specialized planes?  Do they PLAY IT AT ALL? (Does not seem like it!)

   d) RAMMING MUST STOP! Planes do NOT RAM EACH OTHER and it is a stupid and unnecessary mechanic in the bot AI... GET RID OF IT!


5) Tech Issues = None... But I have a new HP with 64 gigs of ram...lol




2) Bombers need to be BUFFED now!

3) Dev team needs to actually play more than a game a month to actually experience what they have created!


Thanks for asking!




View PostCaptain_Underpants53, on 12 March 2019 - 10:10 AM, said:


Things I can control, my wallet and my play time.  I can sit on my wallet, gives me back a bit of control.  I used to average between 30 - 35 battles a day.  That has steadily been dropping here lately.  I now only rarely get around 15 battles a day. 

I frequently exit the game due to the frustration of having no impact and no control.



^^^ THIS ^^^


I have exited out of more battles than I would have liked as well lately.



The degree  of Personal IMPACT has decreased with this update.

(A single pilot was NEVER able to carry this game anyway, now it is worse!)


Lack of IMPACT creates frustration, frustration leads to anger, anger leads to RAGE-QUITTING and I have seen this too much since last Thursday,

MANY players are quitting out of matches before the game starts, or in the first 60 seconds.

THIS is NOT GOOD for the HEALTH of your game.





Right now there are LESS than 80 players on your servers.

Players will find other games if the ones they ENJOYED keep changing for the worse.

GAMES are played for FUN... NO FUN = NO PLAYERS...

79 players at 6PM EST is TERRIBLE!

You need to PUT THE FUN BACK before the game dies.



Just my opinion,



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Reitousair #9 Posted 12 March 2019 - 11:28 PM

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Balance Changes:

Planes-wise: I haven't really noticed any serious changes other than J8M having far better guns than before. Overall not too drastic.
Ordnance changes: y tho. Demolition Expert did not need a nerf, perhaps nerfing consumables would have been a better idea to reduce the differences between plebs and wallet warriors rather than increase the gap by nerfing a skill?

Pilot reducing ordnance damage hasn't been particularly noticeable most of the time but you do feel it occasionally, it might have been a better idea to induce more inaccuracy, not reduce damage dealt.

HF Mission: It's a thing, kinda dumb and I've already seen players in HF's headhunting GA's and bombers. Overall a relatively pointless change.


Game Mode Changes:

I don't particularly mind one way or the other, but perhaps airbases should send out faster waves in Conquest?


Matchmaking Changes:

Haven't seen anything particularly mindblowing in terms of changes, not much to mention here other than new players should probably get a bit more time against bots.


AI Changes:

Bots now have terminator AI turned for flying straight even for a second, it's actually pretty frustrating to deal with as you can die in mere seconds for straightening out at. all. This includes head-ons, by the way, and I have actually had matchups where I should generally win against players (HG III head-on P.1101, or full-health I-260 vs. I-260 on 20 HP) and the bots will win thanks to their inhuman ability to hit. Overall I think the bots aim needs to be toned down some but otherwise relatively fine. 

Oh by the way HF and bomber bots still fly across the map at the start of matches to attack sectors quite often.


Technical Issues:

Still gotten black screens, still have had the HUD break when loading a match and when somebody says something in chat, also having your spawn choice get reset back to default has yet to be fixed in my experience.



The new German bombers desperately need help on their bombing accuracy.

Matchmaking still needs help since there's still been some pretty hilarious match-ups 9 + 2X8 vs 2X9 (flighted, specialized) + 8. Uneven amounts of PvE classes. 5+ HF's on one team vs LF's and MRF's.

Bot headhunting needs to be toned down as I have been seeing some bots go to pretty ridiculous lengths just to pursue players (especially bot/player bombers when it comes to HF's)

Alternative gamemodes added to training mode please, this would be great for practicing and open up some options for community stuff.

Enable all ordnance options when specialized on all planes, not just the tier 7-10 UK MRF's.

Cold Peak should be a tier 7-10 map, I mean c'mon why is the biggest map in the game not open to the fastest aircraft in the game?

Gem of the Mountain is a bad map and should be removed from the game.

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I do fly Chinese aircraft a fair amount so... *ahem*



I even made a custom skin for my IL-10M!

Premium plane reviews can be found here. Special project equipment spreadsheet can be found here.

Twindwarfs #10 Posted 18 March 2019 - 09:43 PM

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Related to 2.0.10:


  • J8M buff makes its gameplay much better experience. It is still not impactful enough to win the game but I consider it a decent tier 8 fighter right now. 
  • I like the Demolition Expert nerf. The previous one is too good for a two points pilot skill. I suggest to increase high tier German GA bomb damage as a compensation, 5000 damage is not enough sometimes. 
  • Change to GAs is barely noticeable. I still consider IL-20 and IL-40 are better than their German counterparts.


  • Type-specific missions are dumb, especially for HFs. Headhunting behavior should never be encouraged.
  • AI group respawn and sector selection change are great, they are very noticeable too. Now bots are able to do something and not keep suiciding one after another. These changes bring more opportunities for the team falling behind to come back. 
  • Bomber escort mode is badly designed. The imbalance is real. At least increase the reserved number of aircraft for the attacking team. 


For future updates:


  • It's good to know developers actually care about the balancing issues. But there are so many planes on the tech tree that need some help for a long time, especially planes using machine guns. P-51s are garbage underpowered, even the tier 10 F-86A is not good enough to offset the disadvantage of using MGs. There is literally no reason to fly a F-84F if you have Hunter, F7U or BV P. 215 simply because of the guns.
  • Most players will hate this but I need to say some planes need a nerf. For example why Me. P 1092 is better at everything comparing to other altitude fighters? Also, heavy fighters at high tiers might be too powerful. A well-played XF-90 at tier 10 or a Me-262 HG II at tier 9 can one pass kill almost everything. That leaves no way to counter them, especially when you are at lower tier.
  • I only have tier 8 German bomber and it desperately needs help. I have to fly like a GAA to maximize its effectiveness. Either increase the bombing accuracy or increase the blast radius, or both.


  • 2 lower tier vs 2 higher tier?
  • 2 stock vs 2 specialist?
  • 2 low altitude vs 2 bombers?
  • Hello?
  • WG vs me? 

trikke #11 Posted 19 March 2019 - 12:06 PM


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i like this idea a lot!    ty for taking some action to protect new players from clubbers!

  • Added separate matchmaker settings for new players. If the players earned less than 4,000 XP in the game, they will get into battles, where the entire enemy team consists of Bots.

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