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Video - Tinfoil hats know no boundries, A RU WoWP film - Humor?


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FlakValleyExpress #1 Posted 04 March 2019 - 12:19 PM


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RU WoWP pilot Prince Mio made a video showing what he is encountering in matches. I like the 60 to 90 degree gun deflection when firing and hitting targets, and the friendly Air Defense aircraft coming in for the ram. Supposedly there is humor in the video based on the text, however I don't read Russian. :sceptic:


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Times already on the forum created topics, where players talked about the strange metamorphosis in the battle, when it becomes apparent that the loss was a foregone conclusion. Of course all this can be attributed to the "conspiracy theory". 

But your attention I offer four episodes, they all ended in a lost battle:

  • Episode 1- Enemy bot, one person captures the point, with a minimum loss of HP. If you pay attention, we will see that the defenders simply do not attack the opponent, but are substituted for him under the shots. For those who do not understand, just note that for the shooting of this episode was used mod "Free camera", it allows you to move the camera to any object on the map, but the downside is the fact that the entire interface is the interface of my aircraft.
  • Episode 2 - clearly shows how the Federal defender of taxiing- in commits a battering RAM, before the approach of enemy bombers to the point.
  • Episode 3 - all neutral defenders moved towards the enemy, so their team is able to quickly capture the point.
  • Episode 4 - seconds, air defense, after the "storm front" knocks my plane, whose half HP.


Video date Feb 2, 2019




And the weird part Mio's thinking is aligning with hamhockjones in a way of thinking on fixed match outcomes. BTW, I am not saying anything bad of hamhockjones, I am just noting for comparison that some minds have the same thoughts, even when regions apart. 



BTW, BF says the new Update will be on Thursday


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Hi. Compensation (or converting) will take place on 7 March together with the release of a new update. 


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Captain_Underpants53 #2 Posted 04 March 2019 - 01:09 PM


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Well, I have come over to HHJ's side of the fence about SOME battles, not all.


BTW, I have been in several battles with him in the last couple of weeks and he is killin' it.  Capping bases, defending caps, etc.  In other words, playing for the win rather than running up stats out in the middle of the ocean.   Kudos to him!



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