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Free silver

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Shizzywiznut #1 Posted 17 February 2019 - 01:42 PM

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What is this? it is the amount of silver that I will gain if I sell of all unused modules and equipment.

I will give a brief explanation to the Newcomer;

As you gain planes over the next years you will go up in tiers and will get new planes, compete for prizes, finish dailies and will get new upgraded items, as you go up you will have all these extra parts, ammo and old engines but didn't think about it past that. well you still have them and they are worth silver

(to find these go to the Depot and the drop down tabs below aircraft will find them for you)

You can select these easily and remove them to gain some silver coin, or if you see that something is on sale that you use quite a bit of, you can purchase in bulk.


I have a few examples;

1. I use fire extinguishers, universal ammo, control surface trim, pneumatic re-starters.  I buy these in bulk when on sale and never sell them, usually around 1000 -2000 of each the cost is roughly 5- 6 million silver , but never have to pay full price, would be roughly 10-12 million if I got before each battle, I also never sell these


2. Gold consumables, I don't use them, if you do, remember where they are because when you run out you will start buying them for gold


3. plane parts (not module but equipment) some of these I do sell, but I have almost every plane, and until you do, I suggest to keep them, and Always keep the upgraded version, You will understand this when your planes are upgraded to specialist


4. Modules, I only sell these after I get the plane how I like it, usually it is the guns I keep, some planes I would rather have less gun and more maneuverability, but I only would sell these off after I have moved on a couple of tiers, or the plane is specialized


So good luck, hope this helps a few newcomers, or old salty dogs... <o


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