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Captain_Underpants53 #21 Posted 19 February 2019 - 02:09 AM


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View PostBB3_Oregon_Steel, on 18 February 2019 - 06:50 PM, said:


Ok, lets see if I can help. 


I am a WOWS main myself with about 10x the battles there than I have here.  However since the more recent update to ver 2.0 I've been spending a decent amount of time here.  I'm also a player who is flying most of their missions between Tier I and Tier IV so you and I should be flying in a similar environment against similar opponents so hopefully my advice will be helpful. 


First off, being grouped within the top three when flying mostly against bots is right where you should be on your team.  In addition I understand an "average" player will have a win rate around 45% so if you're just starting out, hitting that mark first should be your goal, 50% is great if you can reach it, but if your starting out as an average player, right around 45% is where you should expect to be.  


All that being said, you should probably first start out by managing your expectations as to where you should be and start working from there. 


Second, ending up in the top three of your team doesn't mean that you are doing the things necessary to win in this game as a team.  Here, your experience in WOWS can be helpful. 


In WOWS, winning as a team most often depends on how many of the objectives does your team possess and how long do you possess them.Capturing and holding these objectives and getting the points they generate is quite often the deciding factor in the game.  


In WOWPS the exact same thing is true, just multiplied by a considerable factor in most cases as follows. 


1) Unlike WOWS, the capture of objectives provides your team with different benefits.  In WOWS, all objectives are largely of equal value, in WOWPS this is not the case, different objectives provide different benefits so choosing which one's to fight for is a key element in this game. 


2) In the lower tiers, you will be fighting a number of bots.  As you may have noticed, the human players are quite a bit better than the bots overall so if you are in a game with 14 planes per side and you are the only human (and the same is true for the red team) your performance and those of the other players will have a far more significant impact on the results of the game than would be the case in WOWS.  


Essentially, if you play badly in a WOWS battle, there's at least a reasonable chance the other human players on your side can pick up the slack.  In WOWPS, if you are playing badly, you're depending on the friendly bots to swing the game your way and if the opposing human players on the red team are still alive and fighting, that is rarely going to happen. 


As such, the decisions you make have a disproportionate impact on the results of the battle. 


If you are ending up in the top three of your team but are still consistently losing, it's this decision making element combined with your relative skill vs the other human players present, that is likely resulting in your win loss rate.  


The easiest thing to try and fix is potentially the decision making process you use in selecting the areas you are going to target for capture or dedicate yourself to defense.  If you can make good decisions here, then you should see your win loss rate rise. 


Just like in WOWS for things like ammo selection, there are some rules of thumb that might generally help with your target selection that you can apply to help out with this selection process. 


1) Command Post:  Possibly the most valuable of the objectives out there.  Once captured, the Command Post generates normal points at a rate typical for Garrisons, Military Bases and Airfields and will summon attack flights of bombers to attack enemy bases throughout the map. 


2) Military Bases: It generates the same point totals as the Garrison, Military Base or Airfield but once captured, will start launching rockets at adjacent enemy bases which cause damage to them and make them easier for your team to take them.  This isn't quite as valuable as the Command Post due to the more limited range of it's missiles but is still a powerful objective to have under your control. 


3) Mining facilities:  How important you view these has a lot to do with the type of plane you are flying.  A mine will produce a good deal more points for your team than any of the other objectives, however it has no defensive airplanes so the only way to turn the base to your side is to attack the base itself rather than it's aircover.   This is meat and potatoes for a bomber or a ground attack aircraft or even a heavy or multi-role fighter.  These planes have the ordnance needed to attack the hardened facilities of the Mine.  However if you are flying a pure fighter or a plane that you don't want to take low into combat, you're usefulness at the mine, especially initially, may be marginal so attacking objectives with defense aircraft should be your preference especially in the initial stages of the game. 


4) Garrisons: Garrisons generate as many points for their control as any other objective, with the exception of the Mine but provide no other benefits.  They do not, however, have heavy defenses which make them the easiest objectives to capture. If you need a base to capture and you need to do it quickly, Garrisons should be your targets.  


5) Airfields:  The most alluring objectives to fight for and also the least valuable. Airfields provide the same point totals as a Garrison, Military Base, or a Command Center but the combination of their air and ground defenses make them difficult to capture and the benefits they provide often are not enough to balance out the waste of materials and resources necessary to capture and hold them. There are times where I've seen losing teams throw everything they have at a central base and just get their forces gobbled up in a never ending dogfight while the red teams have captured every other objective and are just watching the points roll in. 


6)  No objective at all:  You can fly around in the space between objectives and shoot at planes but the points you get for this are far smaller than the benefits gained by capturing and holding an objective.  If you kill enemy planes within the objective, you'll strengthen your grip on it, or weaken the red teams grip so, if you're going to fight, try to do it within the boundaries of an objective as much as possible, otherwise the result of your fight isn't going to help your team as much as it should. 


These are just generalizations but I've seen them work out pretty well and as always, there are exceptions.  Still, if you're just starting out, this isn't a bad way to begin. 


Combat Skills: 


When you are first starting out, you need to begin mastering the basic combat skills you'll need to be effective.  Things like ... 


1) Lead your target:  Like in WOWS, you don't want to shot at a target where it is but where it will be when your bullets arrive. You'll be able to hear and see when you are hitting the target which will tell you that you're leading them appropriately. 

2) Fire when you target is in range:  When a target comes in range of your guns, it's information will change color and gain a red outline.  This is telling you the weapons you have mounted can strike the target.  If you don't see this, your chances or hitting anything are marginal.

3) Never ignore the "Enemy on your Tail" warning. It doesn't take a lot of time for a red plane to chew you up.  There are more advanced ways of doing this but the basic action is to immediately put your plane in a hard turn while hitting the boost key (W) and try to bring the attacking plane under your guns.  Normally this will do a couple of things. 

    a) You will usually be able to at least momentarily turn out of the path of red bullets which is a good thing. 

    b) You'll probably be able to see who is attacking you. 

    c) Your return fire (especially if it's against a bot) will often cause the attacking plane to veer off, in which case continue your turn until you reacquire them and start chewing them up for a change. 

    d) Don't ignore the plane that attacked you after it veers off.  Chances are the veer off will just be a temporary maneuver and the red plane will loop around and come back on you in a moment.  If you can get the plane under your guns, you're chances of surviving improve significantly. 


This is just pretty basic stuff but if you're just starting out, it may be helpful. 


As for your ammunition, all ammunition and additional equipment are handled under the "Service" tab on the main menu.    Just click on the work "Service" to the right of the word "Home" and you'll have access to consumables like the Universal Ammunition or other upgrades and modifications you can add to your plane. If you ever get nose art or cammo schemes, you can access these from the "Paint Shop" menu item to the right of the word "Upgrades".  If you want to explore other historical upgrades for the plane then click on the "Upgrades" selection.   


I believe you are correct in saying that the menus and screens as well as how you access different features of the game is more confusing than is the case with WOWS and its not nearly as intuitive. It is manageable if you spend a little more time figuring things out. 


Another thing which the system doesn't do is give you a choice to directly access the Wiki for WOWPs.  It's not as complete or expansive as the Wiki for WOTS or WOWS but you can find it at http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warplanes . It can probably answer a lot of your questions as you keep going. 


Hope all of this is helpful. 







Very well stated.  I would hope you could cut and paste this to the message board on our clan page.

MSgt, USAF, (ret)

BB3_Oregon_Steel #22 Posted 20 February 2019 - 08:22 PM

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View PostCaptain_Underpants53, on 18 February 2019 - 06:09 PM, said:




Very well stated.  I would hope you could cut and paste this to the message board on our clan page.


Thanks Cap.  Please go ahead and cut and paste whatever you think would be beneficial to the message board.  Being the low tier noob of the clan, I have no idea how to even access the message board much less post anything to it. :honoring:

"Don't mess with me because I can squish you like a bug, that is If I should decide to notice your existence in the first place".  


Yes, it's haughty and its arrogant but you're a battleship with 16 inch guns and Britannia Rules the Waves.  Maybe a bit of arrogance in this case is appropriate.  

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