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ju-87 stuka is sad

ju-87 alarm bombs

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wylleEcoyote #21 Posted 24 February 2019 - 10:25 PM

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View PostCaptain_Rownd, on 16 February 2019 - 11:48 AM, said:

The Siren would probably require a Trigger Warning in these tender modern times 


True. However this is WG. #RussianBias trumps all.

So when you say "Jericho Siren = Trigger Warning"  all i hear is
some Bot named Mechaslav in a Yak going: Im soooo triggered right now. But not as much as the other guy, amirite? :trollface:

Ivan the Bot, flying a Mig: "What is wrong, Comrade Mechaslav?"

Mechaslav the Bot, flying a Yak:
"some stoopid human wehr-a-boo muthertrucker in a stuka tried to dive bomb something!"  :angry:
Such 'people' are not allowed to have nice things in this Glorious reproduction of The Great Patriotic War :izmena:

<Snipes stuka with 45mm cannon from nearly a km away >

All is better, Comrade Ivan!

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Fair warning. My success rate at speculative guesswork is much like my WinRate. Hit or Miss.
Usually I start on the right track and then a make a weird left turn and get lost in the weeds ... 
And yet it doesn't stop me from speculation.

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