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F2G - From Pain to Pleasure

F2G niiiiiice

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legoboy0401 #21 Posted 20 February 2019 - 12:08 AM

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View PostBobby_Tables, on 19 February 2019 - 02:53 PM, said:


When I read L-Boyz post, my jaw hit my desk.  Hijack a thread with totally unrelated content and yet somehow he thinks I am the [self edited]hole.  :facepalm:


And L-Boy, I was just trying to nudge the convo in a humorous way, but I guess that was wasted effort.    


Sorry that both of you feel the need to be jerks. Any thread can get a little off-topic from time to time, and when one of mine gets derailed, I protest, but everyone's like "you posted this thread, therefore your job is done and it's ours now and you have no control over it, so **** off and let us rant at each other and ruin the thread."


In other words, yes, we probably shouldn't have been off-topic, but the general prevailing consensus(ON ALL WG FORUMS:sceptic:) seems to be that the OP should have no control over their own thread.


Sorry about taking over your thread(it wasn't intended to be a takeover, BTW). I wasn't aware that you were still interested in it. I was pretty sure that it was dead, otherwise I wouldn't have even risked it.


Perco_lator's actions, on the other hand, are entirely inexcusable and I have already reported one of his comments for insults.


The F2G is sadly something I cannot speak of, because I can only see the plane before, because I only just got to Tier VI.


I will ask SpiritFoxMY to review it, though, as I am genuinely curious about it myself, and like the Blenheim F, there doesn't seem to be a lot of gameplay or reviews of it.


Oh, and Bobby, before you think you have gotten entirely off the hook, one(just one) comment of your will be reported by me as well.



Has your opinion on the F2G changed at all, or do you still like it?

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