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Planes I Flew Tonight

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CorvusCorvax #3241 Posted 08 August 2022 - 05:16 AM


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Annnnnnnd, for the nightcap...

J7W2 for a few frustrating battles.  Had to work my tail off, due to MM/potato issues.  You know you're in trouble when on a single Mining Plant map, your B-29C human decides the Airbase is the priority.

I took the plant twice by myself, fended off the bot bombers and GAA, but fell in the end to a concerted attack by the red humans in an F2H and a Spit XIV.  B-29C guy got zero chevrons.  We lost by 40 points.   The win was much better for the team, and all I had to do was play my role, and not have to make it rain.  Then bottom tier vs a spec Yak-30 and a spec EF-131.  LOL, top of team with 5600 PP tells the whole, entire story.  Gigantic ROFTLstomp, one that even had me laughing.  I figured I had enough fun for the evening in MRF.

Speaking of Yak-30 - I played the Yak-19 to a stellar finish, with six sectors capped, and 19 planes shot down in a surprisingly tight battle.  Who says you can't carry in a light fighter?  Put me over the top with plane experience for the Yak-30, so I added yet another Tier X plane to the Hangar.  That completes my matched set of 3 Soviet Tier X light fighters.  The MiG-15 is still my favorite.

Edit:  Forgot about the rare top-tier battle I had in the P-38L.

Let's just say that I actually prefer this plane to the XP-54.

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