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while i was in chat jail


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sandtiger #21 Posted 02 January 2019 - 05:24 AM

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View PostPerco_lator, on 01 January 2019 - 08:48 PM, said:


I do not know the exact reason for your chat ban but I do know that it wasn't for just saying "GG".


i well just say this do not be so sure of that

for to day i said gg to some one and they said reported

so i real do not think  they check all reports... they just get some about or number and if you get to that number them chat ban

and they have a stander thing they put over you chat ban it never changes it always the same four thing across the top of the chat ban

and they never tell you why your banned //the just give you the same four things in ever email and the reason for this is because they never look at all the case

i know this from someone  i meet play wot that works for them and he gave me a fast run down on how the band works

i wish i still had that email but i deleted it because i was worried he could get in trouble ..so i deleted it like 5 years ago on a different computer  that has been e wasted so there is no way to get it back lol ...

but i am not the kind of person that believes there that everyone play has good  fate all the time we are a selfish race of humans we all ave our own need wands gand things we hate so i well not put it past people to report people for just about any thing and if you look at your  chat report there a thing in there that say disrespectful to others  so you can can click that to any one at any time and then a report has been made there are so many of those sent out every day war game dose not have time to look at them all ... also in one day there was 30 people chat banded in one day there is no way to make scents of that most tem never talk

or at least i never see them say any thing .. so  i not so sure how they do there ban but i would not put it past some of the toxic ones in this game to report people they do  not like  and i really do not believe  they spend much time look at the case by case   but again this is only my opinion from what i was told by some that work for them but i never met any one that works on this game  that can anweser  how there ban system works 

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