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some to thing about when time are hard

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sandtiger #1 Posted 24 December 2018 - 02:32 AM

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here a little some thing that pop in my head today  ,, and to think about when times are hard

My grandmother at 99 took  ill today. we had to take here to the hospital today

so things just got real ... i been have trouble with game today and trash talking people

that feel it is a good time to hate on people always ...  i am so tried to day 

and i am sick on top of everything. but that is my problem not your ...

so i doing my best not to be a snappy person ....  but i am worn thin today ..

but i had this though pop in to my head twice to day .

"What man is a man who does not make the world better?"

i try to live by this thought   and wish to do right my my fellow human ..

i play this game because i have ptsd .. it let me talk with some really cool people

it give me a outlet  for my own real life problems 

it let me deal when i do not feel i should ...it teach me to try an be respect full to  people and the family i was raised by ...

my grandmother has seen 99 years on this plant we call earth ..

she has help may may people she help me and my friends .. she use to have a book store she ran

down from our house ... she help a lot of people along her way and i hope this illness can be beat

to say i am not stressed out today would be a lie ..

i was not woken up to be told she was head to the hospital . so i woke  to an empty house only the two 

cat look at me .. everything was not in it place then i found out she was in the hospital ... i can not go because i am sick 

i can not be with her because, i have this cold so all i have left is this game and the may cool people.. I've  meet from  the short time i been here i thank you guys for you kinda words... your good spirit ... your warm thoughts .. 

you have all been great ... some of you have been through so many things that bring you close to things in life that some may not see  . so please remember if someone is snappy   in the game there may be more to there anger .. i met some on that was a little out there to day so i ask him what is wrong and i found out he is dealing with something no father or mother should ever have to deal with ..

so i well say this hold your love ones close this Christmas ... May you have all of them with you ...May they not get sick 

and also  i try to live by this

"What man is a man who does not make the world better?"

the answer to this question is he is not a Man he is something much much less ... 

in my time of stress i try to be happy for other people 

and hope they all have a  beautiful Christmas and for me i hope my grandmother get to come home on Christmas   ..

and that she well make it to be  100 years old that is here hope and dream right now that she can live to 100

she also wants to beat the oldest person in our little town .. i hope she make it .. then she said the next on she well wan tot beat is the world record ... for an older lady she has still the spake of life in here heart and soul may all of you find the things that make you happy this holiday and may all your  family be Healthy happy and safe

and it this even good luck to you in get all that you want

good luck to you

yours truly 







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