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Things that make you say ... i'm out of here. ( back to hanger )

Heading back to Hanger

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Dru83 #21 Posted 08 November 2018 - 12:39 PM

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Man, so many defeatist attitudes on here. I hate when somebody decides to just ditch their team because they're having a bad day. I will admit to leaving mid game to deal with real life stuff in emergencies or deciding not to fight to get reconnected when the game crashes, but quit? Never. Never say die, never quit, never surrender. Fight until your last breath leaves your body. Never Stop. Never stop fighting till the fighting is done. Here endeth the lesson.

Deltavee #22 Posted 08 November 2018 - 08:35 PM

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Being fed into the night fight Kola map four times in a row will do it for me.  Fifth time is hangar time via a CAD.  The map is execrable in the first place and it is used as the go-to dump when you stay in the pre-game matchmaking phase after you have been informed there are no matches and you should try a different plane, ie. about after a minute.  No, not sorry.  There are some low-tier aircraft I like a lot and the only way I will not play them is if WG removes them from the game.


Hang on long enough (always less than 2 minutes) and the game will cough up a map for you to play.  It is not always Kola, but the percentage is quite high that it will be Kola and as I said being shoved onto a pos map four times in a row earns them a bail on attempt number five.  It isn't even a rage quit.  It's simple irritation with being handled that way by the the devs or RNG or the company cat or whatever so into the oubliette it goes.


"But what about the teeeeaaaam?!!"  They're bots and don't give a flying fcuk anyway.  Let the program fight itself.


Aside from that, no CAD quits for the rest of the game.  It's just that one map where even with the gamma maxed it is usually impossible to make out a plane when it is against a dark background and all you can do is shoot below the markers.  It kind of works, but it's a PITA and after four goes, unacceptable.


In short, no, I don't rage quit, but there are limits.

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CorvusCorvax #23 Posted 10 November 2018 - 05:54 PM

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I'm pretty sure I saw MARS-REVENANT do it the other night.  He was flying a Beaufighter and I saw him briefly at low health down on the deck, and then didn't see him again.  Finished with less than 2000 points, which I assume means a drop to hangar. 


Or a game client or server connection failure.  Right after that battle, I had a dropped connection 30 seconds into a battle, and I was able to reconnect right before the squall line hit.  I think I scored all of 1250 points for that battle. 


Point: disconnects and game client issues happen.

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