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GAA and Multirole Questions

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Canoso77 #1 Posted 15 September 2018 - 02:31 PM

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Hi, I'm new to Warplanes although I've played flight sims for some time.  I have some questions about what works in this game.


On lower tier aircraft such as the LBSh, Wirraway, and the IL-2 (mod), which tail gunner skills do you generally take first?   Is Defensive Fire preferable to Precision Gunner?  


Are the Hurricane II-D's 40mm cannon useful on armored ground targets?  They seem roughly comparable to the 37mm guns on German and Soviet GAA, but the only videos I've found on YouTube show people flying the II-D against other aircraft, so I'm wondering if in game the II-D is better at fighting other planes than in it's real life role of ground attack.  Or are the tech tree Hurricane II's quad 20 mm cannons better than the 40mm?   I enjoy the Hurricane I and being able to drop bombs as well as dogfight is fun, so I'm curious about how the 40mm cannon compare to the bombs in this game.


Thanks, everyone.  

SpiritFoxMY #2 Posted 15 September 2018 - 02:47 PM


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Personally I take Precision Gunner over Defensive as Ground Attack planes generally have the hitpoints to take a beating and critting their pilot, engines or control surfaces will take them out of the fight in a jiffy.


Haven't played the IId but the big derp guns are not as good as bombs and rockets at taking out ground targets and the plane being a multirole lacks the hitpoints to survive extended ground pounding. Planes like the Stuka G, Ju88P and the Duck are alright for sniping soft targets on the ground but taking out heavy buildings is a challenge - and these are dedicated ground attacks.


I think the IId can hit ground targets but its just straight up better at derping other planes out of the sky, but I'll leave the final judgement to people who have actually played the thing.


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Dru83 #3 Posted 15 September 2018 - 03:08 PM

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I'm with SpiritFox, I think Precision gunner is more useful than Defensive, because if you do get a crit on anything but a determined human, they're going to break off the attack and leave you alone for a bit.


I haven't played the hurricane IId, but as Spirit said, the gun only german GAAs are tough to play and have trouble cracking armored targets. So, you could probably take out a couple soft targets to finish capping a Comm center or Missile base after downing a couple defense aircraft, but I wouldn't try to focus on only ground targets... you'd just get turned into swiss cheese and not make much progress towards taking a cap.

You asked about the quad 20mms on the Hurricane II. Those things are incredible at taking out other planes at a distance. You could chew up a soft ground target with them, but It'd probably take a couple passes so it's probably not worth it unless you're trying to finish off a Comm center or missile base and there aren't any enemy planes around.

Xr901 #4 Posted 15 September 2018 - 03:54 PM

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The Hurricane 2D can be used against ground targets in a pinch but it's meh. It will take a lot longer than ordinance,and going after planes is generally more effective. In my hurricane 2D I have half the ground kills per sortie that I do in my regular hurricane 2. It is a fun little plane if you can get it to work for you, but it is not the easiest plane to use.

LMG #5 Posted 15 September 2018 - 06:08 PM

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I'd say that the first one is up for debate. I personally prefer Defensive Fire since it gives me a consistent damage reduction on anyone shooting at me, while with Precision Gunner I have to hope something important breaks, like the engine or a crit to the pilot. However, on any GAA at tier 6 or lower I'd suggest getting both before looking at anything else.


While I don't own the Hurricane IID, from what I've seen you have to score twice the amount of hits to down buildings as GAAs with similar big cannons. So in an IL-2 with the 37mm cannons take 1 shot to kill a soft building, the IID will require 2. Armored buildings take 5 shots from the IL-2's 37s, so on the IID it should be around 10 :ohmy:. If you want to ground pound on the Hurricane IID, I recommend just taking out the soft buildings and AA guns (just the guns, not the whole thing), and focusing mainly on taking out hostile aircraft.


The in-line Hurricane II is actually quite the odd plane, as it has a lot more firepower than usual for its tier. The quad 20mm cannons are so effective that it's basically a mini-GAA, capable of focusing on ground pounding with its ordnance and guns, though it lacks the HP to stick to it on areas with a lot of AA guns and the 20s overheat very quickly :unsure:. I'd still suggest taking out aircraft before going down low and blowing up some buildings, but it can do that last part remarkably well :great:.


Bombs and rockets are usually a lot better at destroying armored ground targets than guns, as from my testing Armored Buildings have about 65% damage reduction to gunfire. I personally prefer bombs, as they can take out a group of buildings with relative ease, while you need to fire the rockets in specific locations to get the most out of them, but both should get the job done :bajan:

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Canoso77 #6 Posted 15 September 2018 - 06:09 PM

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Thank you all for the insights.   I wondered about the bombs versus cannons game mechanics.  I suppose if there were formations of tanks to target, then cannons would be more useful in ground assault.  .  


(edit)  Well, so far I have two three point tail gunners, so I'll still need to grind away for a while.  :)

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