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TsKB I-7 / Heinkel HD 37 - The German Orphan

I-7 Replay Video Guide TbM Flight

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MagusGerhardt #1 Posted 27 July 2018 - 08:39 PM

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The I-7 / Heinkel HD 37 was always a bit of an odd bird for me on the NA server.  Historically she was a failed aircraft design, being designed wholly by Germany under the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles, the Reichswehr got around the restriction on all military aircraft development by training an Air Force in secret at a facility in the Soviet Russian city of Lipetsk.  Here, pilots and aircraft maintenance crew for what would become the Luftwaffe were trained in secrecy, the illegal act shrouded by a complicit Soviet government.  The Heinkel HD 37 was intended to be used by this nascent air force, but was rejected by the Reichswehr, who opted to use the Dutch Fokker DXIII instead.  Heinkel was left with a fighter design and no sales, so when the Red Air Force faced the crisis of the I-5 fighter becoming obsolete with no replacement in sight, the HD 37 was offered and was eventually accepted for domestic licensed production as the TsKB I-7.


In Warplanes I had no reason to use this aircraft on the NA server as I already had far superior aircraft, like the XP-31, I-5 Shkas and the Ar.67.  However, after patch 2.0.5 hit and I returned to my RU account, I found that I had acquired the I-7 somewhere along the line with no recollection of how.  Shrugging my shoulders I decided to take her out for a test run with Mars as my wingman and...well...to say I was surprised at how she handled would be an understatement.  After the fight I took a look at her stats and was very surprised to find that not only was her speed competitive, but her maneuverability was absolutely insane.  The only area this plane will let you down is her firepower, having only a pair of the pathetic PV-1 Russian MGs, and even then if you can stay on target and play your bullet stream across your enemy they will get the job done.


Her greatest failing in CQC aerial combat is her lack of flaps, unique for a German biplane of this tier, but likely a simplification of the original design to allow mass production by Soviet facilities.  In game this simply means that you have to depend on engine idling and nose up angle to bleed off energy to avoid overshooting; tactics you should be very familiar with if you have spent any time in low tier Russian aircraft.


Good hunting!  :honoring:


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