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Command Center target priorities inconsistent

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yangmang617 #1 Posted 12 July 2018 - 02:39 PM

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Command Centers need to have consistency in which objectives they target - I don't care what as long as it is consistent and thus "fair"


Personal example, case in point:

2 airfield, 2 CC, 1 garrison map.  My team captures 1 air, 1 garrison, 1 CC, enemy team captures 1 air and 1 CC.


First spawn of both bomber flights has my team fight going to the airfield, and the enemy flight to our CC.  One would assume both flights would go for opposing CC (because high value and fair).


Since both teams only had one bot HF (bottom tier), guess what happened?  double cap CC and air superiority on the team that had the "lucky" flight spawn....


As another aside, airfields (due to lack of enough ground targets) are unable to be captured outright by military bases and CCs without additional sources of capture points - one would think it would be the lowest priority (or highest) for a CC or military base for the purpose of game play.  Either way, consistency for both teams would be important for game balance.



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