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The Request your Plane Performance Charts Thread

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mnbv_fockewulfe #1 Posted 07 July 2018 - 04:11 PM

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I'm creating this to help pilots get a better understanding of the maximum potential of what they're favorite planes are capable of in relation to other planes.


The rules for this thread:
-this is a request thread only! Any off topic posts will be reported and removed! If you want to discuss the stats of aircraft please do it in this thread http://forum.worldof...depth-analysis/

-I will create performance charts for planes in the order that they are requested as I have time for them

-when requesting an aircraft, please supply the following relevant data (as it makes my life easier):

-stall speed

-minimum optimum speed

-max optimum speed

-cruise speed

-max level speed

-max dive speed

-boost time

-engine horse power

-average time to turn 360 degrees

-max roll rate

-optimum altitude 

-max altitude 

-optimum climb angle (cruise/boost)*

for each gun of the same caliber


-number of guns

-location (wing/nose)

-damage per second

-rate of fire

-effective firing range

-burst length (overheat)


All of this information should be able to be found within the game client under the stats page

*except for optimum climb angle, this stat is different for every plane and is determined by more factors than I can estimate for, so instead of calculating unreliable information it will be better for the player requesting the performance chart to provide this stat them selves by testing it in a training room.


Tutorial to find optimum climb angle:
-remove any equipment and skills from your plane

-go into a training room

-without touching boost and below your optimum alt, point your nose up until you are neither gaining nor losing airspeed

-record approximately what angle you're at using the pitch ladder (be sure to have this turned on in settings), the ladder only reads in increments of five so please take your best guess at reading in-between the lines

-repeat the last two steps but this time with boost


I will be posting the results of the performance charts in another thread, while comparisons between planes will go into the Aircraft Stats In-Depth discussion thread.


Please send me your requests!:)


Be sure to check your logic privileges before posting on the forum.




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