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HANNIBAL_LECTER_1 #1 Posted 02 July 2018 - 11:09 PM

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It says:

"I'm having a discussion with my teammates about the bots, they obey the commands or not. if I ask for help the bots will help me?...If I indicate an area to attack, bots will go to that area?..

Please, my question is about Wolrd of Warplanes... No tanks or Warships.."  (I had to clarify this because sometimes I received answers oriented to world of tanks)

I am convinced that in version 2.0 the bots don´t respond to the commands, that only worked in the 1.x.

Can you confirm this?"





"The bots that exist in the game are developed according to an algorithm programmed  with the intention of keeping a game entertaining and fair.

They usually don´t respond to the commands you mention"...


Due to the ambiguity of the answer I asked them again.



"I understand the first part of the answer, I understand that bots act according to algorithms, I don´t understand the "usually" part.

They respond or not to the commands?..that´s my question...If they respond, under what conditions does this occur?"






"Sorry for the confusion caused in the previous answer.

Bots do not respond to commands"...


This was no surprise to me but some of my friends  still claim that you can give orders to the bots... despite what the support says.

For me it's more than clear that the bots only follow a programming, that's all.

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