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camo disappearing enviromnents

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Deltavee #1 Posted 19 June 2018 - 02:18 AM

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I just posted this as a comment in a different topic but then I thought some new players might appreciate it, so here it is ....


I finally figured out that if you play a plane with camo meant for a certain environment (desert, marine, snow...) the game will strip that camo off the plane if you play in a different environment than the one the camo is meant for and the game will not bother to put it back on once you're back in the hanger so it is quite natural to think it's a glitch or another WG CF.  I invented three new swear words while this was happening to me.


Sol'n: In Paint Shop buy one single camo for gold, then after you verify you have it on the plane, back in Paint Shop click each of the other three huge Xs in turn and click on only the camo you bought.  This tells the game that you want to use that camo in those environments and so the paint is left on the freakin' aircraft.  At least it has for my planes. 

This will also work for any plane you have camouflaged in the past so pull them all up and click away.


As they tell you in the Paint Shop, you'll only get the +10% for the single camo you bought so in the other three environments you get no nothing at all but meh, who cares.  There are so many other f#@! ups in the game you won't even notice the difference.  If you run into some new patch 2.0.5 Specialized Wundercanon of an airplane in a furball, it won't mean much at all, if anything.  You're still gonna get vapourized.


Sure, if you could fly desert camo in a winter game you'd stick out like a diamond in a dog's  *hole, but it's better than dropping a small fortune in gold for each separate camo for one plane, which was probably the original WG idea anyway.   Besides, you never know what kind of environment you are going to wind up in when you click Battle so what's the point, really?  I just buy camo for a few of my favourite planes because I like the look and on those few, I also drop some gold for my Canadian flag on the bird and mebbe a nice pair of legs for the nose art. 

Dat's it, dat's all.


Hope this helps.

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