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Virtual Aces: The story of Azure. a World of Warplanes work of fiction.


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Note: This story is fanfiction based on  the World of Warplanes online game by Wargaming. Any similarity with any real person, be it player, clan or anything else related to the game is completely coincidental and was unintended. In fact, the characters depicted are not even meant to have personalities similar to what the person or character is like in real life.

The story is filled with cultural references, in game references and a lot of clichés, it is meant to be a fun read.

This is a work of fiction and shouldn’t be taken as more than that. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading it.


Note 2: This is part 1 of a multi part story. If I get a positive reaction from the community I'll post more. (No point in posting something that nobody will read afterall.


Note 3: The pictures in here serving as a visual aid were commisioned by me by other artists on deviantart, I have commisioned some more, but I am currently broke and it will be immpossible for me to commision more, so after those are used up, I will just post text and some simple edited pictures to serve as visual aid. I have very poor picture editing skills after all.


“Virtual Aces: The story of Azure.” a World of Warplanes work of fiction.

By Persona22


Part 3


The Ki-43 Hayabusa being piloted by a Bot was suddenly shot down from behind. The two other bots flying next to it, Hans in a He 112 and Rupert in a Bristol Type 146 broke formation as soon as they saw the Hayabusa fall.


“Make way for Azure! Woooo!” yelled Azure from the canopy of his Polikarpov I-17, as he started following the bot Rupert in the Bristol Type 146. It tries to get away, but Azure is able to counter every move, and quickly shots it down. “Alright! Two down, only one left!”


While Azure was busy shooting down the second bot pilot, Hans in the Heinkel 112 was able to position himself above and to the right of Azure’s Polikarpov I-17.


The He 112 attacked by diving towards Azure, who noticed just in the nick of time, he did a sharp turn to the right, causing the Heinkel to overshoot him. “Whoa! That was close… and now to finish this!”


Azure pulls up with his Polikarpov until he goes up in 90 degrees, then just as the wings were about to stall, he applies rudder. The Polikarpov I-17 falls sideways until the nose is pointing down, and Azure applies a boost of speed.


When the Stall Turn was completed, Azure was at the tail of the Heinkel as it was trying to pull up from the dive, being completely exposed to the Polikarpov’s guns. Azure makes quick work of the Heinkel, as it falls down in a ball of fire.


“Yeah! I got him!” exclaimed Azure happily.


The automatic message appears, signaling that Azure had emerged victorious from his mission, and he begins to land his airplane, as the game begins giving him the Credits and Experience points from his victory.


Azure gets out of his airplane after entering the hangar. The NPC Nancy is there to greet him, “Congratulations Azure, after this mission, you have collected enough experience to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.” Nancy takes out the rank insignia from her pocket and attaches it to Azure’s pilot uniform.


“What? Really? I’m a Lieutenant? Alright!” exclaimed Azure happily as he watched how Nancy attached the insignia on his uniform. “Thank you Nancy.”


Nancy smiled back, “You’re welcome Azure.” By now Nancy and the other NPCs were used to Azure being nice to them, it wasn’t usual that players got so invested in the game’s world that they treated even the NPCs as real people instead of a A.I. data code in the game. The flying bots were another story, but they were programmed to be aggressive and to not take sides about any specific player.

Botan walks over to Azure, smiling at the newly promoted Lieutenant. “That was pretty good Azure, every time you get on your plane I see how right Sakura was about you, you clearly have a lot of potential. To be honest I’ve never seen a newbie with your innate skills.”


Azure was a little proud and also a little embarrassed at Botan’s praise, “Thank you Botan, but I couldn’t have done it without your training.”


“Don’t sell yourself short, Azure,” replied Botan, “It has been just a week, and you have improved quite a lot. Your mission was against planes piloted by bots, but it was a quite difficult scenario, I think if it had been 3 on 1, even against actual human players, you still would have come out on top. You fly your plane like if you have done so all your life, like if it were a part of you, like an arm or a leg.”


“Well, if you say so.” replied Azure, “So, what’s next on the training schedule?”


“Nothing,” replied Botan, “You have learned everything that I can teach you.”


“But… does that mean I now get to train with someone else?” asked Azure.


“No, I’m the best pilot trainer of the Hanasora Air Force. That’s why General Kigiku had me assigned to you to train you, I guess she saw potential in you as well.” replied Botan, “You have learned how to perform every maneuver that would be useful for you in combat, all the basics of gameplay and have a complete understanding of the pro and cons of every aircraft and how to fully take them to their full potential, if you want to get better, you will simply need to fly more missions on your own, and get more actual combat experience.”


Just then, Azure and Botan see a familiar pink A6M Zero parking in the hangar as well. “Hey, isn’t that Sakura’s plane? Seems like she just finished a mission too.”


Sakura gets off her plane and takes a deep breath, she looks exhausted but happy, and stretches her arms, “Ah! Finally, it took me an entire week, but I finally got all the 3 million credits.”


Botan and Azure walk over to Sakura, “Hey Sakura, so you finally finished the assignment General Kigiku gave you, huh?”


Sakura happily greets them, “Botan, Azure, hello there. Long time no see.”


“Yes, not since you took me to meet General Kigiku.” said Azure.


“Yes, I was busy grinding for credits. It took me a whole week of grinding duty, but I’m finally done.” explained Sakura, “I was going to see General Kigiky right now, to give her my report in person and transfer the credits to the clan’s treasury. I want to do it in person instead of sending a PM.”


“Yes, I was on my way to see the chief as well,” said Botan, “I wanted to talk to her about Azure’s training.”




Azure, Botan and Sakura start walking down the streets of “Neutral City” to the recruitment office of the Hanasora Air Force clan.


“Azure, you didn’t need to come with us to see the chief.” said Botan.


“Maybe so, but I wanted to thank her in person for all the help I got from you and the Hanasora Air Force, and also to apologize for all the trouble I caused.”


“Azure, General Kigiku already made it clear that there is nothing for you to worry about what happened.” said Sakura, “What about your progress,  got enough credits and experience to upgrade your planes?”


“Yes, actually I finally have enough experience with my I-17 to unlock both the Yak-1 and the MiG-3. I wasn’t sure which one to go for, so I figured I’ll unlock both. I’ll use the Yak-1 for low altitude missions and the MiG-3 for high altitude interceptions.”


Sakura and Botan both nodded, “Good choice,” said Botan, “You should also think about which plane you’ll use for missions to attack ground targets. An attack plane or a Multirole fighter, depending on how you prefer to do things.” added Sakura.


“Oh, don’t worry, I already briefed him on the basics of attack and multirole fighters, I’m sure he’ll be just… huh? Look there!” said Botan, surprised at something as they approached the Hanasora Air Force recruitment office.


“Those airplanes…” said Sakura.


“What? What’s going on?” asked Azure.


Sakura points towards the landing strip near the Hanasora Air Force recruitment office. There are three unfamiliar planes parked there. One is a Tier IX FJ-1 Fury, painted with a custom black camo pattern and the emblem of the Black Diamonds on the side. The second is a Tier IX Ta 183 Huckebein, painted with a custom red camo pattern and with the emblem of the Red Clovers. The third one was a Tier IX Me 262, painted red and orange with an angry eye nose art, but on the tail it had the World of Warplanes’s moderator logo.


“Those two airplanes are the main airplanes for the leaders of the Black Diamonds and the Red Clovers.” said Sakura.


“And there’s also a moderator’s airplane too.” added Botan. “What do you think happened?”


“I don’t know, but let’s find out.” said Sakura, as she ran towards the recruitment office, Botan following her soon after.


“Hey! Wait for me!” said Azure, as he also ran towards the office.




Inside Kigiku’s private office, the leader of the Hanasora Air Force is sitting at her desk, with two other Pilot Avatars seated across from her, plus a third person standing at the side of the desk.


One of the player’s avatars sitting across from Kigiku also has General badges and his uniform displays the logo of the Black Diamonds, his Pilot Avatar is modeled after Legolas from Lord of The Rings.

The other sitting player, also a General, has the logo of the Red Clovers on his uniform, and his Pilot Avatar is modeled after “CATS” from the introduction scene of the old game “Zero Wing”.

The one standing besides the desk has a Pilot Avatar modeled after Asuka from the Evangelion series, she has the moderator badges on her uniform.

“Come on, Kigiku, your clan gave the Black Diamonds 3 million credits.” said the player of the Red Clovers, “You want me to believe that it was just a compensation?”


“I don’t want you to believe anything, Captain Lothar” replied Kigiku, “That is simply the truth, there is no hidden agenda.”


“And our clan is very thankful for the compensation,” said the player of the Black Diamonds, “After all, the Golden Cobras is a clan that is allied to us.”


“Oh, really? You are thankful, Manfred?” commented Lothar, the leader of the Red Clovers, “Ever since your clan received those credits, according to my informants, the Golden Cobras didn’t receive a single one of them, meanwhile, three members of the Black Diamonds have purchased three Do 217 M bombers.


“What the Black Diamonds did with the credits is not something we can control,” said Kigiku, “As the leader of the Hanasora Air Force clan, I can assure you that the credits were given to the Black Diamonds as compensation for the Golden Cobras incident, and nothing else.”


“And how do I know that it wasn’t you trying to help the Black Diamonds indirectly?” asked a skeptical Lothar.


The moderator stepped in the exchange, “I can assure you of that, Lothar, there is nothing that shows that the Hanasora Air Force has done something that goes against the Neutrality Accords.”


“Kurenai, as a moderator I have to believe you.” said Lothar, “But if a Hanasora Air Force pilot hadn’t challenged the Golden Cobras to an Air Duel in the first place, then they wouldn’t have to pay the credits in compensation.”


“Captain Sakura didn’t challenge the Golden Cobras to an Air Duel herself,” interrupted Kigiku, “They had challenged another player, which wasn’t a member of Hanasora Air Force, the Black Diamonds, the Red Clovers, or any other clan allied with you. We already explained this incident on the forums, and I’m explaining it to you right now. Sakura only joined that player to assist him, not to challenge the Golden Cobras.”


Cpatian Lothar crossed his arms in frustration, “Hmf! From what my informants heard, that new player, Azure or whatever his username is, was being trained by one of the pilots of Hanasora Air Force. You want me to believe he isn’t a member, or a detachment?”


“He isn’t a member of our clan, or any clan for that matter, and we haven’t hired him as a detachment either. You can check that on the accounts information yourself.” replied Kigiku, “The Neutrality Accords that both you and Manfred made me sign as the leader of the Hanasora Air Force clan clearly stipulates that we can’t hire non-members as detachments. And as you know we don’t allow players below the rank of Captain or higher to join. Azure isn’t a Captain yet.”


Lothar is getting more upset with each reply, while Kigiku remains completely calm and collected, “And what does the Hanasora Air Force get from this ‘Azure’ in exchange for all the training he’s being given?” asked the leader of the Red Clovers.


“Nothing,” replies Kigiku, perfectly calm, “He is free to choose to train with us or not, and to do whatever he wants after his training is over. Every single credit he earned during his training is for him to keep, and no one else’s.”


Lothar points an accusing finger at Manfred, who simply smiles smugly, “For your sake, I hope that ‘Azure’ doesn’t end up joining the Black Diamonds, OR a clan allied with them!” he said, very upset, “Otherwise, I will consider the clan of Hanasora Air Force as nothing but a secret training stage for new recruits for the Black Diamond clan, and thus an enemy of the Red Clover clan!”

Once again, the moderator Kurenai intercedes, “General Lothar, I’m going to ask you to calm down, and to stop your threats against General Kigiku. Hanasora Air Force has trained several players in the past, and these players have done whatever they pleased afterwards. This new player, Azure, is no exception.”


“As the leader of the Black Diamonds,” said Manfred with a smug smile, “I personally wouldn’t mind if Hanasora Air Force abandons its stance of neutrality and becomes our ally, or the ally of the Red Clovers for that matter.”


“I’m sure you won’t, Manfred,” replied a perfectly calm Kigiku, “After all, that is what this is all really about, isn’t it? To have Hanasora Air Force pick a side and abandon neutrality, no matter what side we choose.”


Kigiku continues, “Hanasora Air Force is the only neutral clan that remains in all of World of Warplanes in this standoff between the Red Clovers and Black Diamonds. If we abandon our position, then it leaves new players no choice but to join either the Black Diamonds or the Red Clovers. Right?”


This time, Kurenai interrupted Kigiku, “General Kigiku, you already made it clear that Hanasora Air Force’s neutrality position is not at risk.” She then turned to look at Manfred and Lothar, “I believe everything has been cleared up, don’t you? Hanasora Air Force has not broken any part of the Neutrality Accords, nor any of the game’s rules, and so, as stipulated in said Neutrality Accords, neither the Black Diamonds or the Red Clovers, or any of their allies, can declare war against Hanasora Air Force unilaterally. If there is nothing else to discuss, I suggest you leave this incident behind you.”


Manfred nodded, “Yes, I agree.”


Lothar frowned, “Fine… for now.”


Manfred and Lothar get up from their seats and begin walking towards the door of the office, with Kurenai in tow “This isn’t over, Manfred. I know you are going to use those Tier VI Dornier Bombers for something, and I’m going to find out what it is!” exclaimed Lothar.


“Oh, please, Lothar,” replied Manfred as he grabbed the doorknob, “it was nothing more than a routine purchase, that’s it.”


“We don’t need to hear your discussion in here, please take it outside,” said Kurenai to the leaders of the Black Diamonds and the Red Clovers.


The two leaders and the moderator walked out the door, and closed it behind them, leaving Kigiku alone in her office.

Once she was finally alone, the leader of the Hanasora Air Force sank into her seat, let out an exhausted breath, took off her glasses with one hand and rubbed her eyes with the other, ‘Sigh… why do things have to be so difficult,’ she thought, ‘Sometimes I wish I could just quit… but I can’t just abandon the members of Hanasora… they are all counting on me… but everything is so hard...’


There was a knock on the door, Kigiku regained her composture, sat upright on her seat again and put her glasses back on, “Yes, who is it?”


A familiar voice came from the other side of the door, “Kigiku, its me… can I come in?”


“Moderator Kurenai? Sure, come in.” replied Kigiku.


“You don’t need to call me by my title, Kigiku,” said Kurenai, “The two of us flew together during The War, all those years ago. Before the Red Diamonds, before the Red Clovers, before I was offered a position as moderator in World of Warplanes. You don’t need formalities when you are speaking to me.”


“Very well, Kurenai then, what can I do for you now?” asked Kigiku.


Kurenai grabs a chair and sits across the desk from Kigiku, who remains calm and serious, “You can fool everyone else, but you can’t fool me. How long are you going to keep this up?”


“Keep what up?” asked Kigiku, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”


“I’m talking about Manfred, and Lothar, I’m talking about you!” exclaimed Kurenai, “This whole façade of diplomacy you keep up all the time. Where is the Kigiku I remember? The one that was the terror of the enemy pilots? Your place is inside a plane’s canopy, shooting down enemy fighter planes, not sitting in this office.”


“As you already know,” replied Kigiku, never losing her composure, “The Neutrality Accords clearly state that I shouldn’t fly my airplane in missions anymore.”


Kurenai gets upset from that answer, “Yes, I know! And I also know that it says that your clan can’t ever try to take any territory in the World Map, or buy bomber airplanes, or hire attachments, and all those things they made you sign when The War was over and their little war to fill out the power vacuum began, only so they recognize the position of neutrality of your clan. I really can’t believe you ever accepted to sign that thing, although there is a lot of merit in you being able to maintain your neutrality this whole time. But Hanasora Air Force has some of the best pilots in all of World of Warplanes, you can make a difference! Fight against the Red Clovers and the Black Diamonds!”


“You aren’t a player anymore, Kureian, you are a moderator,” replied a perfectly calm Kigiku, “What players do or don’t do isn’t really your place, unless anyone is breaking the rules of the game.”


Kurenai slumps her arms down, looking resigned, “Yes, I am a moderator. And yes, nobody is breaking any rules. But everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE seems to be taking sides in this whole thing between the Black Diamonds and the Red Clovers. It just isn’t right.”


“And what about you, Kurenai, which side are you on?” asked Kigiku.


“I’m on the side everyone should be in.” replied Kurenai, “I’m on the player’s side, and not a single clan or faction. I’m on the side of players having fun while they play, not feeling like they are some pawns in someone else’s war schemes.”


“The objective of the Hanasora Air Force also is to be on the player’s side.” replied Kigiku.


“And you think you are doing that right now?” asked Kurenai, “You help out new players, sure, but afterwards most of them are strong-armed into joining either the Red Clovers or the Black Diamonds, or one of their proxies or allies. Only a few of them decided to join your clan. You can’t keep being passive, Kigiku.”


“Even if I stop being passive,” said Kigiku, “Hanasora is just one clan. We couldn’t fight against the full might of the Red Diamonds or the Red Clovers.”


Kurenai stands up again, “You may be right, Kigiku. But I still would like to see you back as the Kigiku I knew. I wish I could do more to help you, but as a moderator there isn’t much else I can do.”


“You have done enough, Kurenai,” said Kigiku, “Don’t worry.”


Kigiku walked towards the door and opened it, “I know things must be hard for you, Kigiku, even if you don’t show it. Good luck.” And with that, she walked out of the office once again.


After Kurenai leaves, Sakura, Botan and Azure walk inside. “Chief, is everythingh okay?” asked Botan. “We just saw the leaders of the Black Diamonds and the Red Clovers get in their planes and leave. What did they want?”


“Don’t worry,” said Kigiku, “It was nothing.”


“We saw a moderator’s plane too,” said Sakura, still worried, “What happened?”


“This isn’t because of me again, isn’t it?” asked Azure.

Kigiku remained calm but gave a reasurring smile, “Sakura, Azure, please calm down. Generals Manfred and Lothar just came here to clarify a few misunderstandings. The moderator was here to make sure things didn’t spiral out of control. Now, why have you come here?”


Sakura suddenly gets serious, she gives Kigiku a salute, “I’m here to report that I have finished my assignment and collected the 3 million credits for the clan’s treasury like you ordered me, General Kigiku.”


“Very well, Sakura,” replied Kigiku, “Make sure you transfer them before you log out today.”


“Yes, ma’am.” Replied Sakura.


Botan places her hands on her hips and smiles at Kigiku, “I just wanted to let you know that Azure’s training has been completed. I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but then I realized that Azure’s a natural for this. He is one of the best pilots I’ve seen ever since I started playing this game.”


Azure smiled, “Thank you for all the training and your confidence. So, what do you want me to do now? How can I help you?”


“You don’t owe us anything, Azure,” replied Kigiku with a friendly smile, “We offered you our help, and you accepted it. The thing about World of Warplanes is that no matter what, your skill as a player is always the most important thing. The only difference between players with a high ranking and high level plane is that they have been playing longer and so have more time to build up their experience. It is your skill, as a pilot, what determines the outcome. Any player can defeat any other player as long as they have the skills to do so.”


“I see.” replied Azure.


“We won’t force you to do anything, you don’t need to join us, nor do you owe us anything.” said Kigiku, “You can play World of Warplanes any way you like, and you can join whichever clan you want.”


“In that case, I’m going to keep on playing, unlocking more planes and building up my rank, until I reach Captain and then I’ll join you.” said Azure.


Sakura was surprised at Azure’s attitude, “Are you sure about that? The Black Diamonds and the Red Clovers will try anything to get you to join them.”


“They don’t scare me,” said Azure, “Besides, I still owe you for helping me on my first day playing.”


Azure looks at Botan, “Thank you again for training me, Botan, I learned a lot.”


Botan smiled and winked, “You’re welcome, Azure, just make sure you don’t Leeroy Jenkins your way into any more stupid fights.”


Azure looked back at her, confused, “Leeroy what now?”


Botan laughed, “Heh heh heh… guess you are a little too young to get that. Just stay out of trouble, okay?”


Azure walks out of the office, “Bye, and thank you for everything.”


“Bye bye, newbie.” said Botan.


“Good bye, and good luck.” said Kigiku.


“See you later, Azure.” said Sakura.


Sakura turns to look at Kigiku once Azure had closed the door behind him, “General, you didn’t say it because Azure was here, but I know that the leaders of the Red Clover and Black Diamond came here because of the Golden Cobras incident, weren’t they?”


“Yes, Sakura, they did,” replied Kigiku, “But we managed to clear everything up.”


“Maybe, but I should have been more careful.” said Sakura looking down.


“It’s alright, Sakura,” said Kigiku with an encouraging smile, “You already paid for your mishap, in fact I would say 3 million credits makes for a pretty expensive mishap, don’t you think?”


Sakura smiled back, blushing a little from embarrassment, “Heh heh… yeah.”


“Then lets put this whole thing behind us,” said Kigiku.




Outside the Hanasora Air Force recruitment office, Kurenai is getting her airplane ready to take off, when she notices Azure walking out of the office as well.


‘Who is that player?’ thought Kurenai, ‘He doesn’t look like any member of Hanasora Air Force I’ve seen before.’


Kurenai gets out of the plane and walks towards Azure, who is walking towards his own plane, “Hey!”


Azure turns around, “Huh? What?”


“Are you this ‘Azure’ guy I keep hearing about?” asked Kurenai, as she approached Azure.


“Huh? Yes, that’s me.” replied Azure. “Why do you ask?”


Kurenai smiled, “Nothing in particular, I was just curious to meet the player that started all this commotion between the Hanasora Air Force, the Black Diamonds and the Red Clovers.”


Azure seemed embarrased, “The whole thing is that well known even moderators have heard of it?” he said, “I really didn’t want to cause any problems for Hanasora.”


Kurenai gave him a friendly smile, “I’m sure you didn’t. I heard they were training you, what are you going to do now?”


“I’m not sure how,” said Azure, “But I am going to find a way to help out Hanasora Air Force. I’d rather do that than end up as some tool for the Black Diamonds or the Red Clovers.”


Kurenai watches in silence how Azure gets into the canopy of his airplane and takes off, ‘So, he doesn’t want to end as a tool for the Black Diamonds and the Red Clovers? I like that player’s attitude. Now things can start to get interesting. Perhaps it is time I propose a new In Game Event for the World Map to the higher ups…’



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A new in-game event eh? I wonder how that'll turn out, hopefully it'll be a lot better than Albion or Westwall :P


And Azure is too young to know one of the first major internet memes of the 21st century, that's unfortunate.

I do fly Chinese aircraft a fair amount so... *ahem*



I even made a custom skin for my IL-10M!


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View PostReitousair, on 27 May 2018 - 06:17 PM, said:

A new in-game event eh? I wonder how that'll turn out, hopefully it'll be a lot better than Albion or Westwall :P


And Azure is too young to know one of the first major internet memes of the 21st century, that's unfortunate.


It'll basically be a plot device to move the story forward... :teethhappy:

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Note: This story is fanfiction based on  the World of Warplanes online game by Wargaming. Any similarity with any real person, be it player, clan or anything else related to the game is completely coincidental and was unintended. In fact, the characters depicted are not even meant to have personalities similar to what the person or character is like in real life.

The story is filled with cultural references, in game references and a lot of clichés, it is meant to be a fun read.

This is a work of fiction and shouldn’t be taken as more than that. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading it.


Note 2: This is part 1 of a multi part story. If I get a positive reaction from the community I'll post more. (No point in posting something that nobody will read afterall.


Note 3: The pictures in here serving as a visual aid were commisioned by me by other artists on deviantart, I have commisioned some more, but I am currently broke and it will be immpossible for me to commision more, so after those are used up, I will just post text and some simple edited pictures to serve as visual aid. I have very poor picture editing skills after all.


“Virtual Aces: The story of Azure.” a World of Warplanes work of fiction.

By Persona22


Part 4


Lothar, leader of the Red Clovers, was sitting at the table inside the war room inside the main base in one of the territories controlled by the clan in the World Map. Along with him were the players that were the squadron leaders for the clan, along with the leaders of all the clan allied with the Red Clovers.


Lothar’s approach to a fight was pretty simple: Sheer power and constant attack. Strategy was nothing when you have the superior firepower. Being attacked by the Red Clovers, or one of their allies, was like being run over by a steamroller, attack planes, bombers and multirole aircraft destroyed everything in sight while fighter planes ensured that nothing shot them down. Swarms of airplanes turned the ground red with fire. It was no wonder that Lothar’s nickname as an ace pilot during The War was “The Red Club”, as he would hit the opponent hard, and constantly, like a hammer on a nail, causing fires and explosions one after the other.


The control he extended over his vassal clans was absolute through the Clan Pact, a special treaty that was signed by the Red Clovers and all their allied clans. The Clan Pact was divided into two sections, the Political division and the Military division, one controlled all diplomatic matters between clans, both in and outside the Pact, and the other decided how, when and where to attack enemy targets, both for the Red Clovers and their allies. However, the leader of the Political Division of the Clan Pact was stipulated to always be the leader of the Red Clovers, and the leader of the Military Division was also stipulated to be the Red Clovers main chief of staff, which in turn was assigned on that position by the Red Clovers clan leader. So, while the Clan Pact affected several clans, the Red Clovers had always direct control over the Pact’s armed forces.


“Okay, if that is cleared up, now for the next order of business,” said Lothar to his subordinates and allied clan leaders, “has anyone discovered what the Black Diamonds are planning to do with their new bombers?”


One of the Pilot Avatars, who looked like JC Denton from the Deus Ex game series but in a pilot uniform, replied to that, “I’ve checked every message board and forum that the Black Diamonds are known to use to communicate with each other, under different names and aliases, I found out that they have them stationed in a base near the border between one of their allies and one of ours, but that’s it.” he explained, “As far as they are concerned, the bombers are to be used only for training exercises.”


“A likely story,” replied Lothar, he then turned to look at the rest of the players sitting at the table, “You heard the report of our chief of intelligence. So, whose territory is close to where those three bombers are?”


“That would be us,” said a player who’s Pilot Avatar looked like a vintage ninja, “The clan of the Red Shuriken.”


Lothar nodded, “Be ready at a moment’s notice for a possible attack from those bombers. I want pilots of your clan to be at the ready, with High Altitude fighter and heavy fighter planes prepared, I’ll have one of our best interceptor pilots at the ready to assist you as a detachment if its needed. If the Black Diamonds even think about doing anything, we’ll hit them, and hit them hard.”


“Understood,” replied the leader of the Red Shuriken clan, “we’ll be ready.”


“Now, if there is nothing else to discuss, the meeting is finished.” Said Lothar as he stood up.


The rest of the leaders stood up as well and walked out of the meeting room, so did the rest of the staff of the Red Clovers. As the chief of intelligence was getting up too, Lothar stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. “Wait a minute, Major JC_Armistead, I need to talk to you in private.”


Armistead nodded, and followed Lothar into his personal office. Lothar sat down at his desk and looked at Armistead, “Did you investigate that player like I asked of you?”


“Yes, General Lothar,” replied JC_Armistead, “As you ordered I had several of our pilots check on this new player, Azure, by going into random battles in squads of two, and abandoning them immediately if Azure wasn’t in it. Our agents found Azure a total of 3 times, twice in his team and the third time on the opposing side.”


“Very well, and?” asked Lothar.


“All our pilots conclude that Azure is very skilled. He was using fighter planes on every instance, so we really don’t know how good he is using attack planes or bombers,” explaimed JC_Armistead, “But as a fighter pilot his technique is basically flawless. He was never shot down, and he always had the top score on either team, even If his team was on the losing side. Our pilots even decided to attack him together on the battle they were fighting against him. They were barely able to damage his plane while Azure shot both of them down, almost effortlessly. He knows how to use his planes, and how to maximize their performance. He would be an asset to any clan that is able to recruit him.”


“I see. And how did the recruitment efforts go?” asked Lothar.


“He didn’t accept any clan invitation that was offered to him, nor did he request to join any clan.” replied the Red Clover’s spy.


“Well, I want him, got it?” said Lothar, “We can’t let other clan have him. Find out what he wants, and in the meantime offer him gold, or a premium membership, or a premium plane. Something will get him to join us.”


JC_Armistead was about to answer, when a special announcement came up on all the game’s screens.




Manfred, leader of the Black Diamonds, along with the other leaders and commanding officers of the different clans allied to the Black Diamonds, were at the meeting room in the main base of operations of the Black Diamonds, for a weekly meeting of the Clans Treaty Organization, the main organization formed by Manfred and the Black Diamonds after The War.


Manfred’s approach to combat was methodical. He always planned ahead before doing anything, and didn’t start a battle unless he knew he was in an advantageous position. He planned twice before any action, and he had a plan for any possible situation he or his allies might find themselves in. His strikes were quick and precise, not a single action was wasted, not a single attack was done without purpose. During The War, Manfred was nicknamed “The Black Diamond” because his style of fighting was stylish and methodical, almost beautiful one might even say, but effective, like the grim reaper of the skies.


After The War, he kept the clans that he saw as loyal and useful close, offering them the opportunity to either have their members join the clan of the Black Diamonds, or have the clan be an ally to him by joining the Clans Treaty Organization by signing the Clan Treaty.


The CTO, like any alliance, was governed by all the clan leaders that were members, however, the Clan Treaty had very specific outlines about what the CTO could and could not do, also it specified that, even if all clans were on equal footing, the Black Diamonds would ultimately have Veto power over any and all decisions taken by the security council of clan leaders of the CTO, in charge of any military action taken by the CTO or its member clans. The leader of the Black Diamonds, Manfred, was also considered a Permanent Member of the CTO’s security council, in fact he was the only Permanent Member of the council, while all the other members of the council always kept rotating between the leaders of all the other clans. Also, Manfred also held the position of General Secretary of the CTO, meaning that he was the sole representative of the CTO in every and all diplomatic discussions of the CTO with other factions.


“Okay, on to the main order of business today,” said Manfred to everyone gathered, “First I would like to thank Major Bregoldes for her negotiation skills which allowed us to get the surplus credits we needed to buy the new bombers.”


Bregoldes smiled and nodded in response.


“Now, the Black Diamonds have sent those airplanes as detachments to the territory of the Blood Moons.” explained Manfred.


“And we are quite thankful for that,” said a player who’s pilot avatar looks like a werewolf, “When can we begin operations to attack and take over the territories of the Red Shurikens?” asked the representative of the Blood Moons.


“There will be no attack from us, OR from you.” explained Manfred, “Those bombers are there as deterrent. We shall do military exercises with them, and the Blood Moon pilots will participate as well. But we are not going to be the ones that shot first.”

“Captain Manfred, with all due respect, I think we should…” started the werewolf as he stood up.


“I know what you are thinking, Captain Tharin,” interrupted Manfred, “But none of us is going to jump into anything without a plan, and a plan we will follow.”


“We have to make sure we are not seen as the aggressors here,” continued Manfred, “The rest of the players needs to see us as the ones that are defending themselves. The airplanes are of course intended for long range attack, bombers are not a defensive weapon. Lothar is impulsive, he will make a mistake and attack, and when he does, we’ll strike back. Until he does, we will make military exercises with the bombers. Are we all clear on this?”


Tharin sat back down, “Perfectly clear.” he replied.


“Very well, now to the next order of business…”


A few hours later, the meeting was over and all the leaders of the different clans that formed the CTO began to leave. However, Manfred approached a rather tall and serious looking player who’s pilot avatar looked like an elf.


“Lieutenant Kandross, can I have a word with you?” asked Manfred.


The player with the elf avatar nodded but remained silent.


“Did you investigate this new player like I asked you?”


“Yes,” replied Kandross, who had been assigned by Manfred as the chief spy and intelligence expert for the Black Diamonds. He was the one that suggested placing the bombers in the territory of the Blood Moons after the data he had gathered of the readiness and combat operations of the Red Shurikens.


“I checked his stats and from the looks of it he has flown mostly fighter planes. He has almost no missions registered with attack or bomber planes. I don’t have data on his performance with those kinds of planes, so I don’t know if he is not good at attack missions or is simply a personal preference” Kandross began, “As for his skills, Azure is very good. His level of skill is well above someone with his airplane tiers, if the players that have faced him that talked to me are to be believed. His score in every battle is usually above average, and he is ranked as number 1 on the team even if the battle is lost.”


“I see,” replied Manfred, “And about him joining us?”


“Some of our recruitment officers have contacted him, but he never replied. And from what I gathered, the same goes around for every clan that has contacted him. It appears he has no interest on joining any clan.” replied Kandross.


Manfred was about to ask something else when a special announcement appeared on all the game’s screens.




To be continued...

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Hmm, this got a bit buried under all the other stuff on the forums and it's been a while since you've continued the story, but very nice work on the 4th part despite being away for so long!


Cliffhanger endings though, oof, fascinating to see the the politics more in-depth when it comes to this story, and while usually it ends up boring, you've made it fairly interesting which is certainly nice.

I do fly Chinese aircraft a fair amount so... *ahem*



I even made a custom skin for my IL-10M!


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