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Fix WoW - Introducing the WoW Broke Score

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Hanzle #1 Posted 12 May 2018 - 05:22 PM

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We've all learned 'Personal Points' and Chevrons don't record contribution to win.  To win you must capture and hold... blah blah blah.  Why have metrics that are meaningless to the outcome?  Only the developers know.


In order to preserve my sanity, and perhaps help yours, this post introduces the WoW Broke Score.  The higher the score, the higher that particular battle demonstrates how broke Personal Points and Chevrons, or the algo for a win, is broken.


It's simple, attach a screenshot of the Team Score Page of the battle.  This will yield both the Personal Point Broke score and Chevron Broke Score.  The following screenshot yields a PPB Score of 2.74.  This is the aggregate of human personal points on the losing team / aggregate of human personal points on the winning team. See attach 1.


The Chevron Broke score is, you guessed it, aggregate losing human chevrons / aggregate winning human chevron score.  Attach 1 reveals 4 chevrons / 0 chevrons.  Oops, lets give the winning human 1 Chevron in this case for a CB score of 4.


Add the two together for a Combined Broke Score of 6.74.


Attach the Summary Page of the battle.  This will reveal the Defeat Broke portion of the score.  This is the winning score divided by the losing score.  In this battle - 402/357 = 1.13


Finally multiple the two together to get your WoW Broke Score - 6.74 * 1.13 = 7.61 WoW [edited]score.


Send those screenshots in.  If the math stumps you, we'll do it for you!


The higher the [edited]score... the saner we'll be?


PS - screenshots have timestamps in upper right corner for quality control :)



Attachment 2 is a screenshot of the 



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Hanzle #2 Posted 12 May 2018 - 05:48 PM

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Here's a 13.64!

CBS 3.41 * DB 4 (really infinity - 400 - 0 score) = 13.64


Outscore your opponent over 3 to 1 and lose by 400 - 0, amazing!

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mnbv_fockewulfe #3 Posted 12 May 2018 - 06:29 PM


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WOWP's scoring isn't the only thing that's broke.

Hint: I can't see any screenshots.

Be sure to check your logic privileges before posting on the forum.




Perco_lator #4 Posted 12 May 2018 - 06:44 PM

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Are you talking World of Warships or World of Warcraft here?

"Come find me in the game, tough guy.  We'll see who knows stuff."

hamhockjones #5 Posted 12 May 2018 - 08:17 PM

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If you are an experienced  pilot and you play this game with the new scoring system, you can expect the game to be loaded against you 90 percent of the time. I have noticed that the bomber bots on one team are smart and precise. Your bot bombers will be dumb and ineffective . In fact if your don't fly a bomber, but your an excellent fighter pilot, you performance means nothing. Your kills mean nothing. Great players that score high and stay alive, you may get only 1 or 2 planes, while the players that do not perform will get 4 to 5 planes!! If you get killed quick, you will get more plane to respawn.. In 1 game my team got 17 planes, the other team got 37 planes.. We controlled 4 of the 5 sectors and barely won the game.. Makes no sense...Even on the profile stats and hall of fame, the number of planes you have destroyed means practically nothing. In a air combat game for Gods sake, ace pilots means nothing..The game is only about bombers now, flying around dropping bombs on stationary targets. BORING!!!...Fighter planes have become worthless!!  Also I have played for 5 years, the fighter planes were for years the core of this game.. Now its all about whether your bots bomb accurately. Sad!!  I continue to get better and yet my ranking has went from top 60 to over 500, makes no sense... The more I play the lower I fall in this weird system..No one likes this new system of scoring, yet it continues. Placing in the top 3 every game means nothing.. I have near 500 million credits, and yet they are only used to buy crappy planes, paint jobs, and for stuff u do not need or want.. My suggestion which also means nothing, is to have a page for fighters alone, and a separate battle page for only bombers.. I am a history buff and world war 2 held the fighter pilots higher than the bomber pilots. The bomber pilots were cannon fodder, sitting ducks for fighter planes. Most bomber pilots without fighter escorts were making a one way trip to their death. This game is historically wrong in many cases.  Another observation is that the bombers could not out run a fighter. And almost every fighter plane could fly high enough to attack the bombers. without stalling when flying up to attack them, this stalling 1000 meters below them is total fiction, the only stalling came when 2 fighters were chasing each other straight up into the air. waisting time trying to get ur boost back to climb higher while the bomber is flipping the sector is total fiction.. I love playing but this new scoring has angered all but the bombers.. The game news a facelift, and a new system.. Now its if you want to win, buy more bombers, lol, what a joke.. Its like a bunch of snotty nosed kids are running this site!!   just my opinion, which obviously mean nothing either here.  HAMHOCKJONES, FIGHTER PILOT....

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