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Asymmetrical Maps

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yangmang617 #1 Posted 31 March 2018 - 12:24 AM

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Need to get rid of them... it doesn't allow fair play.


Albion: Trump Card - Two factory / Two Command Center with airfield in the center.  West spawn is closer to the factories, while east spawn is closer to the command centers.  Problem is factories and command centers are not equivalent.


The west spawn will send its GAA to capture the factories and will likely capture one first before proceeding to the second.  However, command centers are easily captured by fighters/heavy fighters and so the east will capture the first and possibly even the second before the team arrives to contest.  This is where the problem comes.  Immediately a bomber formation spawns on the first factory, while the east's GAA is capturing their first factory.  Immediately the east has a two factory pressure, freeing its planes to do flex wherever it needs to, while the west is busy trying to stay above water capturing (after waiting lockout timer) and having to go back and recap the factory. 

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