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Some of my opinions about balance

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Master_DarkVan #1 Posted 17 March 2018 - 05:49 AM

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     I have been in RU server for about 2 months(have researched T10 plane). I found some differences with NA and RU.Now I have a broader mind analyzing such questions.

  PS:I started to play this game in 2014/2/02 and I have a normal skill.Don't worry about my skill.

    First: There are too few human players. And bots are stupid. Then fighter and hf players in high Tier are very embarrassed and somehow awkward.

For example, when I play mig15bis, and there is a IL-40p or Me.p1102 player in the enemy team.I will lose in most cases except that guy is a fool.Why it will come to this, you can find the answer in my second opinion

Maybe you think that I can choose a heavy fighter to destroy attackers. That's a wrong way. Because when I go to do that, the missing one in the air combat team will result in high possibility in failure.

This is the situation in high Tier in NA server. But in RU server, there is nearly no such things. Because there are many players, and they contain each other.

     So in a word, too few players cause the serious problem of balance in high Tiers in NA server.

  Second: Though players in RU server player contain. This can't cover the problem that the balance of attackers' rear guns is bad. High Tier rear gun have long range, high DPS and nearly limitless overheating. High tier rear gun is too OP.

Also high Tier attackers can capture (by attacking ground targets) much faster than fighters or hfsby air combats. Because attacking ground targets is much easier than destroying defending bot aircraft or enemy aircraft.

  In general: High tier GAAs are too OP because of the strong rear gun and the strong ability of capturing. And it need to be Nerfed.

    Third: I think the balance of low Tier is better than high Tier. Everyone can play well and there are nothing can be called “too OP”.

 By the way,hope rate of fire can be historical.Low “rof” is very boring.

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