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GAA Basics, aka, Introduction to Blowing Stuff Up Properly

GAA Ground Attack Aircraft Basics GA Ground Attack Guide

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As you get to about t7 and above the GAA takes on another duty, counter GAA. German t7-10 can easily fight against other GAA planes to stop caps or to defend crucial caps like the mine. Russians and French t8 GAA's can also do this but the Russian T8 has a 57mm cannon better suited for ground pounding, so the 23mm will be needed. At t9-10 all GAA are pretty good at killing each other depending on approach and the ability to stick to one's tail.


Now it should go without saying but equipment and crew skill is vital for all GAA's.

You want to take every defensive upgrade that gives you life and protects your crew. Skill wise you will invest in protection expert, demolitions expert. Anything else is just gravy so you can pick and choose here though I would suggest battle tested so as to lessen the chance to be forced to use a med pack on the pilot and keep it ready for the rear gunner. Speaking of rear gunner. Defensive fire and precision gunner are mandatory


Imo counter-GAA is a tricky subject. The thing is that you're still a GAA, you are supposed to be the guy that rips apart sectors, as not anyone else can do it. Focus too much on aerial targets and you might handicap your team by not hitting the ground targets.


I had a game some time ago where I got intercepted by fighters and the enemy's only GAA, a Stuka, on my way to their Mining Facility. It took them a while to finish me off, and by that time our Military Base captured the sector I was headed to. If the Stuka had taken care of the Military Base they would have stood a chance, but instead we got superiority and the guy never reached the Military Base.


Now I'm not saying it can't be done, but it should require proper planning aside of "enemy GAA on sight? Shoot" to get the most out of it, especially if there's other aircraft already engaging them. There are alternatives to fighting

This is my IL-2 (t). There are many like it, but this one is mine. :child:

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