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Suggestion for a new game mode.

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nwlxn12 #1 Posted 05 February 2018 - 07:43 PM

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Suggestion:  Front Line game mode.


Maps would be more like the 1.9 maps where the start of the match has each team controlling half the map and the "front line" would be across the middle of the map.  Ground targets and AA towards the center of the map would be less concentrated and become heavily concentrated the deeper you penetrated into enemy territory.  The current combat point system could be used to determine the advancement of the front line.  As a team advances the front line, the ground targets and AA change from enemy to friendly, re-spawning in a similar fashion as they do in the current mode.  The more heavily AA and changing the combat points requirement as you advance further into enemy territory would be made so a team would have a more difficult time advancing the front line the further they advanced into enemy territory.  Also there is only one spawn point making it take longer for an advancing team to get back to the front line after a re-spawn which will also help slow down an advancing team.


Since many of the 2.0 generation like the re-spawn mechanic, I would say keep it, but get rid of the squall line and make it more a supply issue, meaning at some point the teams run out of supplies to be able to re-spawn.  I just have never liked the squall line since you don't really witness a change in the weather.


Match can be won by advancing the front line to a certain point into enemy territory (equal to current superiority)
Match can be won by killing all enemy planes after re-spawns have been stopped.
If the timer runs out, the team that has advanced the front line into enemy territory wins.
Draw can only occur if the front line ends at the same place it was when the match started.

NorthernPorter #2 Posted 05 February 2018 - 08:46 PM

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This is an interesting idea, I think it would be fun to try and would be a nice way to break up the game play from capturing zones. It seems like you could have an emphasis on more dogfighting but still plenty of ground targets for bombers and attack aircraft.


I'm not sure I fully understand how you advance the front line, I'm assuming its just purely based on how many aerial & ground targets a team destroys?


Also could there maybe be some air defense aircraft that fly about the front line that can both aid in defending the line while your team is returning from respawn; likewise, some targets for your fighters to shoot at while the enemy team is return from their respawn?


A potential problem I see, are teams taking advantage of the increased AA closer to their spawn. So they camp back and wait for the enemy to come to them under heavy flak. That could cause a lull in game play maybe. That's where, if there are those air defense aircraft up front, it would counter this and make it so the defending team had to come forward.


I like the idea, good thinking!

mnbv_fockewulfe #3 Posted 05 February 2018 - 10:10 PM


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I came up with a mode that would apply this concept to an open world scenario. I'll see if I can find it. Keep in mind, I envisioned this with 1.9 game mechanics.

Block Quote

I came up with this idea for game mode that is a sort of culmination of all the other ideas in this thread.


What if there was a sort "open world" gamemode for WOWP planes? Here's how it would work.

You would have a "world" map called a "War Theatre" That determines the size and tiers for the open world. This map is divided into 32 quadrants; 8 quadrants long, 4 quadrants wide. Each quadrant is a map like what we have in the game now. Each map functions as a battle room that is open all the time and that anyone can enter. In each map are different objectives that two teams will fight over. Players would start out at there team's airbase, respectively located at opposite corners of the map. There would be two more airbases in the center of the map, located at opposite sides respectively. The distance between each airbase would be 3 quadrants, 5 quadrants if including the quadrants the bases are in. Connecting friendly airbases is a supply train that regenerates the health of the base. In order to attack an enemy quadrant, players would need to fly their planes from an airbase to that enemy quadrant. How far a player can go would be determined by what plane they fly: how much fuel they have and how much range the plane has (loosely based on historical ranges but scaled for the size of the war theatre). For instance, say I was a player and I wanted to fly a P 51D to fly a sortie over enemy airspace. The farthest I would be able to fly is 4 quadrants, in the 4th quadrant I would be able to fly around for 15 minutes before I would have to turn back and fly back to the airbase to refuel. To fly through a friendly quadrant would take 1 tick; 1 tick having a value of 30 seconds to 1 minute. Flying through an enemy quadrant requires you to load into the map and fly through it yourself, with the very real possibility of being bounced. Range can be extended by mounting fuel tanks. You can choose to stay in the air longer than you have the fuel to get home, but if you do you have the event of a crash landing and will have to pay for full repairs. While flying through a friendly quadrant you can choose whether to increase, maintain, or decrease your altitude. Rate of climb can be affected by mounting fuel tanks, bombs, and rockets. You can again choose your altitude when entering an enemy quadrant. Which side of the map you spawn on when you load into a map is dependent on which side you enter the quadrant in the open world map. Players can exit a map by flying into the boundary of a map and choosing a menu to leave. Players will be able to see specifically what enemy planes are in a quadrant if there is a friendly radar station in range and intact or if there is a friendly plane in the quadrant that has eyes on the enemy planes. If there isn't, players won't know more than that there are enemy planes in the quadrant. A quadrant is captured if all of the ground targets in the map are destroyed. Victory for a team is achieved by capturing all of the airbases on the map.


That's the gist of it, now here are the ramifications. This open world mode would have the new bomber class, GA, fighters, fighter/bombers, and heavy fighters. BnZ/high alt fighters would be paired with the bomber class and TnB fighters would be pared with GA. This almost completely solves the disparity between BnZ and TnB by making them exclusive of each other (but not entirely exclusive). A player in a TnB fighter won't have to fight a player in a BnZ plane because he isn't locked into the battle until death or victory. If there are only high alt planes in a map on the enemy side, all you have to do is come in with GA and TnB fighters and wipe out the ground targets. If the map is flooded with TnB fighters you just come in with bombers and high alt planes. Heavy fighters would be the best at taking out GA and Bombers, but would be weak to fighters due to fighters having better acceleration, especially initially in a climb. Bombers and GA would also be weak to fighters with rockets, which would in turn be weak to TnB fighters and BnZ respectively. Coordinating an entire team to fly in the extreme of one aircraft class would be easily countered by the other team doing the same except with the counter class or just waiting until the team runs out of fuel. A mixed approach would be the best way to secure a quadrant.


There's a whole lot more to this that I could talk about but I've run out of time to write it all.

And yeah, this won't ever happen in this game, but its a cool idea.



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