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American P-51 line.... pretty awful

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View PostSpiritFoxMY, on 24 March 2018 - 04:50 AM, said:


Nice play - what is your setup anyway? I'm still toodling around on my P-40. 'tis a pity there's no real Red Tails skin for the Mustangs - I deliberately transferred my african-american pilot onto the American fighter line for just that reason XD 


As for the Corsair, I've never encountered any serious problems with it: most Mustang pilots try to stay high anyway, so I've actually never fought one before. All other light fighters I can outrun because, like the Focke-Wulfs, the Corsairs have longer boosts than equal tier lights (15 seconds for the tier 6 F4U-1) so I can keep running longer than they can keep chasing. Mustangs in particular have MGs which are nice and short ranged so the planes I tend to fear the most in a Corsair are the ubiquitous Spitfire V and MiG I210 which combine long range cannon armaments with enough speed to keep up with me for an uncomfortably long time. 


Since my last post, I've had several incredible games in the P51K to the point its now my go-to credit grinder of my lineup. The firepower still isn't what I'm used to but with a nicely skilled up pilot and a full performance loadout, the plane is an brilliant fighter and well worth the money I put in.


I currently have Engine tuning, Aircraft Polish, and Lightweight airframe for upgrades on my P-51D, as for crew skills, I have Aerodynamics Expert and Aerobatics Expert. It may not be a huge boost in agility, but it's enough that I can actually keep up with Bf-109's in turns, and still zoom the hell out if things get too hairy.

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