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Holiday stuff

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BaerenGott #1 Posted 05 January 2018 - 11:50 PM

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First I'd like to say that this has been a wonderful holiday for WoWP, and for WoT and WoWS as well.  WG rolled great events, wonderful gifts, and lots of cheer.  Thanks to all the people at WG, and at WoWP and the other games for making this a great in-game holiday season.


That said, I'd like to ask if anyone has had good results selecting 'axis' for the Skies of Albion?  I've been playing them exclusively, and have yet to win a SoA match in an axis plane.  I've played matches in axis aircraft that didn't qualify for SoA, and seem to be holding my(mediocre) winrate with those planes.  But I have not won a single SoA event.  Most that I've flown appear to have many more 'clan' and/or 'platooned' pilots on the allied side than on the axis side.  Also, most have been literal blowouts, with the allied pilots gaining complete control of the map within a few minutes of the match starting. 


I'm just curious if this is what other pilots selecting 'axis' are seeing, or if I'm just experiencing a(long...very long) losing streak?



CamuMahubah #2 Posted 06 January 2018 - 12:02 AM

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Yah my WR took a 2 percent dive playing Axis.


I've lost almost every game I played as Axis.  I have had some wins.  Just not enough to cover the losses.


I was sour and didn't play the day erry body got together via twitch and Reddit and played Axis and won.


I played one game yesterday in Allied side and then IRL stuff happened and I had to go so not even worth it.  Not one box.


Got a tier 8 bomber mission...500 capture points from ground target destruction in one battle!  L M A O


I'm not a GA guy and my bomber is a tier 3 so...the tokens I paid to get that loot box were many. 


I failed miserably at everything to do with this event and last night I downloaded another flying game just so I wouldn't be tempted to play Albion tonite.

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