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Suggested US Fighters Change

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Colddawg #1 Posted 04 January 2018 - 04:56 PM

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Doing my research on these aircraft, and looking at the service branches of each line, I believe I have a more valid/agreeable change to the US Light Fighter/MRF/HF lines.  Currently all 3 lines have oddball tier 9 planes.

Current Tier 9s:  Fighters-  FJ-1 (USN F/A); Heavy Fighters-  F2H (USN F/A); MRF-  F94-D (USAAF interceptor) and F6U (USN Interceptor)


My proposed changes

Tier 9

Fighters (USAAF Line)-  F94-D (USAAF Interceptor)

Intermediary between MRFs and Fighters-  F6U (USN Interceptor)

MRF (USN F/A line)-  F2H (USN F/A)

(Adding in) Heavy Fighters-  F-89B/C (USAAF Heavy Interceptor)


Empty Weight

F6U-  3,320 kg

FJ-1-  4,010 kg

F94-  5,764 kg

F2H-  5,980 kg

F-89-  11,428 kg 

XF-90-  8,204 kg



F2H- 4 20mm cannons, rockets/bombs, rockets, bombs

F-89B/C- 6 20mm cannons, air-air rockets (or for the sadist, F-89D- lots o' rockets, no guns)


These changes will form a more uniform line for all three aircraft types and make the play style a bit more uniform between all the lines.

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hawkeyededic #2 Posted 04 January 2018 - 07:30 PM

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If you step back and look at the specific aircraft, a couple of them are not really odd balls, but fit along the manufacturers line that WoWP originally had, and in some cases still has. The F6U was build by Vought, same as teh Corsairs and F7U, the FJ-1 Fury was built by North American Aviation, same as the P-51s and F-86. So those actually fit into their tree.


The F-94D is not the Starfire most are familiar with, but a version of it adapted to close support. In game what we have is suppose to be the YF-94D prototype of a single-seat close support fighter version based on the F-94C, one prototype was built but it never entered production. The F-94 in game is a mash up between the F-94A/B with MG armament and the C models wings. It should have been the F-94A/F-94B version with gun only armament, not the mess they put in which wasn't even proposed variant. The F-94C could work now, it was a rocket only variant, with no guns, but it would have long periods of downtime waiting on the rockets to reload.


As far as the F2H, it meets the parameters set forth by Wargaming  for a HF, but then again so does the F7U and Me.109TL among others. (twin engine designs)


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Colddawg #3 Posted 04 January 2018 - 11:27 PM

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This is true hawkeyed, but in terms of playability it's kind of an oddball because you have no ground ordinance and the Banshee is a navy fighter/attacker in a heavy fighter line when it was practically the same weight as the F-94.


I feel a military branch separated line would fit better even though I can side with the manufacturer lines idea.

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