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Want a code for free planes?

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El_Mulo #21 Posted 30 December 2017 - 03:02 AM

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View Postmnbv_fockewulfe, on 28 December 2017 - 02:13 PM, said:


It only takes one battle in 2.0 after having played 1.x to realize what a joke the game has become.

We had a bar, 1.x, we expected 2.0 to be an improvement.

Instead, as has been stated over and over and over again, and we can't seem to get it through you're thick skulls or Persha's:

We lost customizable UI, we lost a readable UI, we lost situational awareness, we lost the sense of flight, we lost unique differences between planes, we lost customizable controls, we lost a gamemode, we lost the need for developed skill to shoot, we lost the need for developed skill to maneuver, we lost plane anniversaries, we lost fps performance, we lost players, we lost our sanity.


What did we gain?

We gained an over complicated gamemode, we gained a boring new class of aircraft, we gained pretty explosions, we gained an overly simplified flight model, we gained broken missions, we gained even more bugs, we gained more bots, we gained new players with short attention spans that will forget the game even existed at this point.


It doesn't take 16 battles to figure all this out.


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Let me add:

We lost TIME. A LOT.
30000 battles is a quarter of year more or less.

We lost also the clans and some friends.


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What we say to death?

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