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An inside look at the RU server game

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Joe_Manco #1 Posted 19 November 2017 - 07:51 PM

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So I finally crawled, bleeding and bruised, onto the lowest rungs of the Russian server Hall of Fame on one of my alt accounts. Yay! Marvel at my stunning, amazing 44% win rate...



With that I thought I'd pass along some quick thoughts on the health of the RU server game. Wait, wait, wait, before you click off, remember that, whether you like it or not, the future survival of this entire game depends 110% on the RU server's pilots being happy. You can spend all the Dollars you want over here (and in Europe), make all the clans and all the forum posts you want, but just about the only thing that matters is what Sasha-from-Saratov and Misha-from-Moscow think about the game. You long-term vets already know this to be true, and I don't like it any more than you do.


That said, things are looking pretty good on the RU side! While it's true that they are still hiding the server population numbers from us (WHY???), games at all hours and all tiers are very populated and active. Lots of new names each game, I can go all night and not see the same name twice, that's a good sign. My regular haunts in Tiers IV to VI are especially busy, 9 humans a side nearly every game, a bit less overnights and on a sleepy Tuesday morning, but you still never want for humans to shoot at. The clans are playing pretty consistently it seems, clans are a much bigger thing over on RU, and I'm glad to see they haven't all given up like we feared. Great fun as always.


You'll be happy to know that RU pilots complain about the same things NA/EU pilots dislike about 2.0--crappy capture point mechanics, stupid respawns, noobs ramming on accident, cartoon explosions, floppy aircraft physics, OP bombers, impossible daily missions, paucity of tokens, vague victory conditions, why the FW-190 keeps stalling, that sort of thing. Rest assured that none of these things will be fixed anytime soon but they promise that they are working on it!


What my group of player friends mostly hate is the dramatic, insane, unexplained, hair-graying loss of FPS since 2.0 (more so since 2.01). Myself I went from a steady 40-50 FPS to oftentimes well under 20 FPS in furballs, and others in my group who have lesser machines have had to stop playing altogether because of single-digit FPS. It seems like 2.0 was coded by blind hamsters and no amount of forum rants will change it quickly enough. And I swear to god if any of you “my brother-in-law Darryl used to be an IT tech before he started hanging drywall so of course I know everything about computers so let me tell you that it's not the game but your computer” guys even peeps up I will fight you in the parking lot. The FPS issue is a WG coding problem, not a player computer problem. Also, ping across the board has increased about 25% for some reason. I went from 150 in 1.9, to 200 in 2.0 on average, which makes long-range cannon hits hard to come by. Even some of my RU friends have seen their pings jump since 2.0 and they live in the same country as the servers. No one on WG's payroll can explain this, of course.


I will say that the WG WoWP Staff are on the forums frequently, mostly giving babbling nonsense answers, but at least they show up to engage with players (and ban-hammer people left and right). You also run into WG Staff in games, they tend to draw fire like crazy, of course, everyone wants to kill them, even their own team mates. And I don't blame them, getting even one cannon round into Grenoli or Galm is especially satisfying. Even the bots try and kill them extra hard! Speaking of bots, I read a lot of grief about the bots over here in NA, but I have not really noticed bots having much negative effect on the RU server most games. With usually just 3 bots to a side, they are more background targets than anything. For instance I have never seen a mass of bots circling a captured point before, or all rushing off to chase a bomber stream, maybe I've just not been paying attention, but most bots seem to be GAs and bombers here.


Anyway, generally, things on the RU server look pretty good, from my admittedly limited vantage point. I think that as long as the holiday events are worth the time and effort, they come through with the promised bomber class trees, and we all keep spending our Rubles, Euros, and Dollars, WoWP will make it another year. I just want to fly a B-29.



_A_3_ #2 Posted 19 November 2017 - 09:02 PM

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I stopped reading once you mentioned this game depends on 110% support from the Ru's server population.

WG doesn't even listen to them, if they did we wouldn't be dealing with version 2.0.

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ArrowZ_ #3 Posted 20 November 2017 - 04:12 AM


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All I can say is thx for spending the time and effort analysing Wowp RU. I know I would play there more if it weren't for the 400+ms latency. The game is completely different when you have almost all players in one match. During 1.9 this was very true for achieving the pvp that NA has lost in the past few years due to the overtake of bots. 

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gerr22 #4 Posted 20 November 2017 - 11:58 AM

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they still suck at this game i play there once in a while and boy they are cr**

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