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Premium Shop problems.

Premium Shop.

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DemitriVritra_US #1 Posted 18 November 2017 - 06:12 PM

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out of all the WarGaming games this one has by far the worst premium shop experience, with Ships or Tanks rare vehicles are not tied to single time purchase packages which drastically limit the ability to purchase them. but for what ever reason World of Warplanes premium shop does this quite frankly anti consumer practice which prevents other payment methods besides four types as well as gifting. you'd figure you'd want to be making as much money as possible off the game. but this shop experience reflects a lot of the other quality of life problems with the game which basically shows a lack of caring for wanting a game to succeed.


just seems like a waste of a reworking to me is all.

Krautjaeger #2 Posted 18 November 2017 - 08:49 PM

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What I find a bit strange is, WG is supposed to have the same offers available to all regions now (ref. Reddit earlier) except RU and events too. Some exceptions will be made for additional offers/events in regions, like NA where there's much more days that are honoured and celebrated compared to EU f.ex. WoWs has secured this on both NA and EU, and offers are now pretty much the same both places. WoT not there yet and WoWp is not even close to started yet.


There's lots and lots of people coming in from games where you're used to spending $50-100 a week easily on the premium store, then they come here and wonder where are the offers I'm going to spend my money on? Oh well, I'll spend that elsewhere then while I wait for some good offers to come up. I do not really get that, it takes very little time to throw together three bundles like they did on EU for the KI-43-IC and make that available.

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