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research tree unlocks hidden mechanics

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vonluckner #1 Posted 15 November 2017 - 06:50 AM

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Just two simple, related suggestions.


First, that some simple functions be included in the tooltips when viewing aircraft (or module) performance in the hangar. The most obvious values would be the cooldown on ordnance, and the duration of boost. These vary from aircraft to aircraft (for instance some Heavy Fighters having a boost of 30s, others having a boost of 40s), but there is no easy reference for these numbers.


Not having these important performance benchmarks makes gauging the relative strengths and weaknesses of aircraft more difficult. For instance, if we look at the numbers given in the tech tree, the XF-90 appears outright faster than the Javelin in all aspects. In practice however, the Javelin has 40 seconds of boost compared to only 25 seconds on the XF-90, meaning this advantage may not be as significant. There isn't any way to tell this in the hangar, or from the website plane comparison tool. You need to actually have both aircraft and fly them to see these numbers, or otherwise get this info from youtube replays, streams etc. that are of the current version of the aircraft.


Being able to see cooldowns on ordnance would be very valuable for assessing the strength of both multirole and ground attack aircraft (and upcoming bombers). These are intrinsically important to the function of these types of aircraft. You could also rope in some information on overheat characteristics for guns here as well.


Second, expanded tooltips describing what the performance metrics mean.


Controllability is the biggest offender here, but all of them should really have a basic description to ease the new (and intermediate) player experience. It isn't clear how something like weight impacts performance within the game, since weight changes don't correspond to changes in climb rate or turn rate that you would expect from a physics standpoint. Optimal speed could be the cruising speed without boost, or it could be speed threshold beyond which you see diminished maneuverability, or it could be the most efficient speed for climbing. All of them are fairly rational given how vague "optimal speed" is. A player doesn't really know without testing it themselves.


Ideally we'd have graphs for performance at various speeds, but lacking that I think it's important we have descriptions for how the different aspects of performance interrelate.




ARCNA442 #2 Posted 16 November 2017 - 08:00 AM

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Yes. Right now it is basically impossible to gage a plane's performance by looking at its stats.


Also, this game really needs a comparison system like WoT where you can not only compare planes side by side but also see how changing modules effects them.

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