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Behold the Future...STEAM

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TokyoExpress #1 Posted 14 November 2017 - 12:15 AM

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World of Warships coming to Steam Early Access on November 15th.


Planes coming "Soon" ???

ArrowZ_ #2 Posted 14 November 2017 - 12:31 AM


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WG has to watch out for steam with WOWP.  It's got quite an interesting driven review system for each of its game store page. If WOWP were to be approved to have a placement in steam, boy are we going to have a field trip with those reviews. I have no doubt that WOWS will be well received in steam since they did very well with that title. Obviously with 2.0 WG better hope the steam community gives them a decent constructive review (and not a total bias towards its negative media history or the competitor - WT). If it were me I would be pretty cautious putting WOWP 2.0 in there at its current state. It's not exactly "ready" for that kind of publicity.


Look at it this way - what do the steam community have to look forward to when trying out WOWP 2.0?


  • One game mode: Conquest
  • Premium bombers (note sure if the missions are still up now, but there aren't exactly any options to buy them atm)
  • Daily/Weekly Missions


What could increase their interest and persuade them to stay:


  • Anniversary missions
  • Release of proper bomber tech trees
  • Another game mode


For anyone that plays both WOT and WOWS within the steam community, and knows how the unified gold/exp (except dubloons for WOWP) currency works, they would try to utilize WOWP as a secondary entry point for acquiring those currencies. If all they have to look forward to is one game mode, no bomber tech tree, and a few daily, weekly missions, then that's not going to make them stay for long. Add those things like our 1.9 anniversary missions, proper bomber tech trees, another mode, could potentially get them to stay a little bit longer past new years period. From past experience WG pumps out quite a few special events & premium bundles between Xmas-New Years. But that alone won't keep players playing WOWP 2.0 if the base game's content is lacking. As we all know the end result will have been a temporary boost to the population followed by a slow decline in the next few months.


But that's my take on the whole jazz with steam products. I've seen quite alot of titles pushed into steam that wasn't "ready for release" only to get hammered by negative reviews and the end result - nobody plays it after a month. That's just one month it was published in the store page. I really hope WOWP 2.0 doesn't get put into that situation.

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That Ozi Client Side Lagger


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