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File repair server not connecting

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Pogo68 #1 Posted 12 November 2017 - 05:09 AM

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I'm trying to use the WG Check to repair World of Warplanes.

It's having issues, requiring as many as 6 attempts before it can get a handshake from the WG file server.


WG Check ver 2.6.0

WoWP Client version, current


Client failed in mid game.
Closed client, restarted PC
Cleared cache, 
Restarted Client.
Client froze after I hit enter on the login screen.
Ran WG Check


According to WG Check these files are either damaged or missing.




WG Check made 4-5 attempts to download these files

As far as I can tell, it failed.


As of now, WoWP client is non-functional as it will not even launch.



I suspect that the WG Check tool is no longer valid for WoWP 2.0.1.

Use the repair link in the Command Center instead.



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