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Ditch the bots, bring back human PvP

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BrushWolf #41 Posted 21 November 2017 - 03:40 PM


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View PostHazeGrayUnderway, on 21 November 2017 - 12:54 AM, said:


We don't even have the players to do Full Player Rosters.  I don't like the idea of sitting in the queue for 5 minutes to only get a 2 vs 2 fight.  The bots are stupid, but the sitting in queue for a long time for low population teams is horrid.


We can already see low populations ingame.  Tonight with primetime game hours, the best I saw tonight was 7 per team.


Lord help you if you are not playing on primetime.  There are many times where I am the only player for my team and it's the same for the red team, 1 player.


I seriously doubt the current WoWP population can support Full Team Rosters with meaningful player numbers.


If the MM would only make two tier matches like in your screen shot when the population would support it and make three tier matches at other times that alone would increase the number of humans per match. However, they have the MM so FUBAR'd that they would have to rewrite it from scratch dumping most if not all of the factors they have added over the years that make for fewer people per match for it to work right.


Edit: Since you were not naming & shaming, you were only trying to show the number of humans, you didn't have to blot out the names.

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