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I-207/4 special cammo text

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Mercsn #1 Posted 11 November 2017 - 07:59 AM

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In case anyone is wondering what the Cyrillic (Russian) text on the special cammo paint job says, it's: Thunder/ Lightning (with the / representing the lightning bolt between the two words).



Which is hilarious to me because I can't hear or read those 2 words together without picturing Sean William Scott and the Rock in The Rundown (film, 2003).   We need "Uhhnkey!" in Russian on the next anniversary plane.

All the Important Thread Links (go here for answers!) Might be outdated!

All-in-one thread with 2.0 related guide links.


The below was said to me (Mercsn), from a concerned player:

Edited, on 12 March - 2:01PM , said:

and PS...play more, forum less.  Your opinion might be more credible.

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